Looking for No Clog Toilet Paper?

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Toilet paper safe for septic systemsWhat do you think is more stressful and crazy – the insane weather lately or the holiday season? I’m not sure about you, but in our family none of our plans for this season have panned out the way we had hoped. As we head into the Christmas season, my husband is battling the flu and we might not be able to be able to go out and do all we had planned. This time of year, I always travel back down memory lane to holidays past.

Charmin_PlungerI can remember living at home and my dad would get so upset around the holidays because so many people were going to be in our home. His primary concern was always the toilet. Through the years we had problems with the toilets, especially the septic tank. They would back up easily and this would result in a great deal of work and my dad having to spend unplanned money. I know my dad would have rather of had an outhouse in the back – it would have proved simpler.

One of the biggest worries at that time was the toilet paper, he was always saying it “was too thick”. My father was always concerned that the pipes would become clogged. My parents were very picky when it came to the toilet paper they purchased. We were told exactly how much we could use and we did not go beyond that. The thinner toilet paper was what he preferred to use the most because he said “it was better for the pipes”. Well, it may have been better for the pipes but it wasn’t necessarily better on our bums!

Today, I have to tell you I find myself experiencing the same concerns when we have visitors for the holidays. The last thing anyone wants in their home is a clogged up toilet, especially when you have company at your house. The more people you have over, the more your toilet is going to be used and pushed to its limits. And our house is an older house which makes me even more nervous about the pipes.

Charmin fully understands just how much “action” your toilet will see, especially during the holiday season, and other times throughout the year when guests visit your home. This is why Charmin created a brand of toilet paper that is new and improved. This new toilet paper is easier to flush and this means that the pipes will remain clog-free and clear.

Recommended toilet paperThis new Charmin has not only been redesigned so that it will breakdown easier than other brands, it is also been given the stamp of approval by Roto-Rooter. Knowing that will give you a great deal of confidence in Charmin as a brand, even when toilet usage is at its peak. Roto-Rooter is the largest provider in America of drain and plumbing services (And a company we’ve called often in the past…) and they have teamed up with Charmin so that consumers can be reminded that more than any other brand, Charmin is recommended by Roto-Rooter plumbers for being clog free and septic system safe!

I know what I’m getting my father for a present this year! A case of Charmin toilet paper!

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  1. Karen Glatt says

    Charmin is the best toilet paper for not creating clogs in the toilet. I always thought it was from my low flow toilet, but when I use Charmin I notice a huge difference in the toilet paper not clogging!

  2. says

    Nice to know that it won’t clog up toilets. I actually switched to cheap thin toilet paper because the thicker name brands were clogging up our toilets.

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