Get in Shape before the New Year

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Everyone is going to be making New Year’s Resolution before we know it, and most of them will be about weight loss, as usual. Why not decide to get in shape before the holiday rush and get a jump start on your weight loss journey now?

DSC02721Empower makes getting in shape easy and fun. They have a huge selection of workout products I have never seen anywhere else. Usually when thinking about workout equipment your mind goes right to treadmills, bikes, punching bags and other large items that won’t fit neatly into anyone’s home. Empower has made me think differently about work out gear because they don’t have all of that giant over sized and overpriced equipment just real products that work.


I am reviewing the Fusion 7 lb fit disc with the C3 Fusion workout DVD.  This workout can burn up to 300 calories in just 30 minutes. It the most versatile workout gear I have ever used. It replaces a kettle bell, dumbbells, and a Pilates ball in my workout routine. This easy to use disc combines muscle conditioning, cardio and core training to create one ultimate total body workout.


The C3 Fusion workout comes with a poster that details all of the moves so even if you are watching tv rather than the included workout DVD you can be sure your form is correct. Getting in a workout when you are super busy all of the time can be hard but with Empower’s C# Fusion workout, all I have to do is grab the disc whenever I watch television and I can get in a good workout.

Make your move to a healthier you.

Empower fitness offers a realistic approach to leading a healthy lifestyle. By incorporating fitness, nutrition, and wellness expertise, Empower motivates and inspires women to be active, healthy, and strong. It’s your moment of truth. Make your move to Empower.

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