Creating Art to Remember

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Creating art with my daughter is one of my favorite things to do. There is nothing like a new box of colored pencils and a great idea to put a smile on our faces. I love to spend the afternoon creating a masterpiece that we can hang on the wall or put in a frame to enjooy over and over again.

With the Colossal box of crafts from the Chenille Kraft Company it’s like a dream come true for any creative person.

The Fine Art Embossed Paper Set Kit contains 4 each of 8 embossed papers with artistic masters designs and includes crayons, watercolor paint tray, colored pencils, oil pastels, drawing chalk, instruction sheet and fun facts. Papers can be used an unlimited number of times as traditional rubbings or individually for a unique personal masterpiece.


In the Embossed Paper Set you will find a Fine Art Collection with 2 each of 8 designs in larger sizes designed for full scale art projects. Introduce students to the work of Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, Grant Wood, Edward Munch and Roy Lichtenstein in a fun new way! Sizes range from 7.5” x 7.5” to 11” x 7”.


I was really impressed with my daughter’s knowledge of famous painters. She named every painter on the front of the box and really enjoyed creating her own masterpieces.


Another great way to spend the afternoon is learning about the human body and all of it’s parts. This over sized puzzle is colorful and dull of 76 pieces to help your little one identify all of the parts that make up the human body. Having fun while learning is a proven way to help kids retain information for longer periods of time. One of my earliest memories was on a field trip in N.Y.  at a museum where I had tons of fun learning about the human body and I don’t think I will ever forget what I learned.


All of these great products would make excellent Christmas presents for all the little ones on your list this year. Be sure to become a fan of Chenille Kraft Company Facebook page by clicking here, I did. I want to stay up to date on everything crafty and I suggest you do the same.

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