Easy & Tasty Alpha-Bits Fruit Parfait

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This is a sponsored post which is part of a campaign for Alpha-Bits and Sverve. All opinions and tastings are my own.


My daughter loves the great taste of Alpha-Bits cereal and I love that she is eating healthy. Alpha-Bits has added nutrients like iron and zinc that help support healthy brain development and an excellent source of vitamin D. Alpha-Bits is made specifically for the growing 3 – 6 year old because it is both healthy AND educational with all 26 letters for letter-learning fun and contains nutrients that help support healthy brain development.

Even though there are many cereals to choose from at the store Alpha-Bits stands out each time for the many benefits it offers. The nutrition content is my biggest reason for choosing this cereal but this product is also SNAP eligible, so it’s perfect for those moms who shop on a budget.

Since I want my daughter to receive the health benefits of this cereal as often as possible I started experimenting with new and fun ways to incorporate it into other meals. I think I have found a quick and easy way to get the whole family to enjoy Alpha-Bits in a fun and delicious way, Fruit Parfaits!



What you will need 

Alpha-Bits cereal

Blueberries and Strawberries (or whatever fruit you like)

Vanilla Yogurt

A nice clear container so you can see the layers of yummy ingredients.


Add a layer of Alpha-Bits to the bottom of the dish. You can crush them if you prefer but I just leave them whole because we love to see the fun letters as we eat them!


Next I add a layer of yogurt on top of the Alpha-Bits then another layer of Alpha-Bits on top. Simple enough, don’t you think?

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Finish this easy snack off by adding your favorite fruit to the top.  Enjoy this delicious snack anytime! It’s a great way to get the picky eater to eat something healthy!

 Alpha-Bits, the cereal with the great taste and alphabet design kids love along with the nutrition mom wants is available at Walmart – SO stop by and get some today! Be sure to grab this coupon before heading out to save even more!

What kind of fruit do you think would compliment the great flavor of Alpha-Bits?


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