Tree Nanny Christmas Tree Watering System

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At the end of the month most of us will be out shopping for presents and a Christmas tree to put all of the presents under. If you are buying a real tree you probably know about the dangers it could cause and the work you need to put in keeping it watered. I have avoided buying real trees because of these extra troubles but now there is a solution that will allow us to have the real tree without all of the hassle. Although I received this item for the purposes of this review, all opinions are my own.



The Tree Nanny monitors the Christmas tree’s water level and plays Jingle Bells when it’s in need of watering. It has a handy funnel that enables people to water the tree while standing up, and will even chime to prevent over-filling. This handy, holiday gadget is perfect for the busy family or anyone with limited mobility. Great for: busy moms and dads, kids, grandparents, pregnant women, etc.

This Christmas Tree Watering system just requires two AA batteries and 3 easy steps.

  1. Attach the tube to the funnel and run tube down the Christmas tree keeping the tube near the main trunk of the tree and into the water basin.
  2. Hook the funnel to the branch at a comfortable height for pouring
  3. Strap Tree Nanny to the trunk at basin using the Velcro straps

It is as easy at is sounds and when your tree needs to be watered you don’t have to climb under it and move presents out of the way while knocking down all of the ornaments anymore. Just easily pour water into the funnel and the Tree Nanny takes care of the rest.

You can purchase the Tree Nanny by clicking here.

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