The Magical Tale of Santa Dust Book Giveaway

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The weather outside is reminding me that Christmas is coming and I need to get prepared. It’s getting cold and the calendar pages are turning quickly. It seems that time has just been flying by lately! So I decided to get a jump on my Christmas Shopping List including all of the items I need to prepare for Christmas. So when I was asked to review The Magical Tale of Santa Dust I was excited to give my honest opinion on this Christmas story. My favorite part is that one of our lucky readers is going to win a copy of The Magical Tale of Santa Dust so you can start being prepared for Christmas too!

Every year my family likes to add another Christmas book to our collection and this year The Magical Tale of Santa Dust is the perfect addition. I love to snuggle my family and read a great story that gets us excited about the season.


The Magical Tale of Santa Dust aims to inspire families by creating a new Christmas Eve tradition where Santa Dust is used to guide Old St. Nick directly to a child’s door. The beautifully illustrated children’s book comes with a velvet pouch of Magical (non-toxic) Santa Dust that is meant to hang on the tree until Christmas Eve. Then, families get together to read the book and sprinkle the dust outside their home so Santa can find it that night. The Magical Tale of Santa Dust is a delightful holiday tale that parents everywhere can relate to, as well as one that will reignite belief in any child.


The magical Santa Dust is shiny and sparkly I know Santa will be able to see it from the sky, I can’t wait to sprinkle it outside on Christmas Eve!  Enter below for your chance to win The Magical Tale of Santa Dust by Patricia Cardello & Illustrated by Manuela Soriani. Be sure to check out their facebook by clicking here. 



  1. Heather S says

    We go to a tree farm and cut down our tree. Watch Christmas films together all month and make my grandmother’s famous desserts all month long too :)

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