Get Organized for the Holidays

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This time of year is crazy around my house. There are lots of doctor’s appointments, school plays, conferences, meetings and a bunch of other things I have already forgot to do. I needed to get organized for this holiday season so when Fodeez asked me to review their  customizable display frames and dry erase boards I knew it would help me out. Although I received these items for this review, all opinions are my own.


Fodeez Frames ( are a line of customizable display frames and dry erase boards that work on all smooth surfaces and can be reused hundreds of times. With most Fodeez Frames packages being under $10, they make great stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, party favors, and more. You can just print out a calendar on your computer and stick the Fodeez peel and stick adhesive frame on top and you are ready to get organized.


My refrigerator is not magnetic so the typical refrigerator magnetic calendar has been missing from my home and I am a mess without it. I love being able to see what I am expected to do each day so I can be prepared for anything. The Fodeez frames make this an easy obstacle to overcome. I just printed out a calendar from my computer and added the Fodeez frame and instantly I have a refrigerator calendar to keep me organized. I printed out a blank calendar so I can use it every month by filling in the dates and meetings as they change.

It comes right off when I want to change it out or put it somewhere else. The possibilities are endless, I can have a calendar or dry erase board anywhere now.


These peel and stick frames are great for the holidays too. You can just stick the frame to a picture already hanging and you have an instant holiday decoration. This keeps me from removing pictures and adding new ones that fit in with the holiday theme. I love making my home festive during this season and am glad Fodeez frames makes it easy!


These are great to have around any house and would be a great holiday present this year for anyone and everyone. The kids enjoy it too because they can now write on the walls and not get yelled at! My daughter brought some to school and uses them in her locker to keep track of her daily schedule.

You can find out more about these frames by clicking here. Be sure to check Fodeez out on Facebook!

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