Chic Buds – Perfect Addition to Back to School Gear

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Chic Buds for SchoolWith Back to School a reality now, I definitely need ways to glam up my school supplies and tech gadgets and that is why the earbuds by Chic Buds are perfect! These earbuds come in many different colors and designs which will help to make a statement in the school halls. Aside from school, you could multi-task and wear them on a run listening to your favorite tunes while looking super stylish with your new buds.

Chic Buds OptionsFrom a rainbow print to black and white chevron, you can find a pair for anyone. Since they come in so many designs, you can definitely mix and match to coordinate with your show stopping ensemble. Match them with your phone or laptop to look super put together.

These earbuds are not only stylish but they work really well. I love listening to music so not only do these earbuds need to be cute, but also good quality, which they have owned up to be. They have great sound to rock out on and they are tangle free so they will not slow you down during the day by untangling them from a crazy knot. These earbuds work with Apple products like iPhones, iPods, as well as MP3 players and computers. Another plus point, aside from being cute and efficient, the earbuds are affordable as well. They are $14.99, plus shipping costs. A definite deal!

Chic Buds for SchoolI have nothing negative to really say about these earbuds as they were fabulous! They are fun and colorful while having clear sound and no obnoxious tangles. I will definitely use them when I am chilling at home and doing homework or running a loop around my neighborhood. These Chic Buds are great to listen to my favorite music while making me looking very stylish.

Which style of ChicBuds do you think your kids would like best?

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This post written by our Teen Blogger Emmie.  She’s our go to person for all the tween and teen gear, gadgets and products!



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