Best Safety Tips for Trick or Treating on Halloween

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Halloween Trick or Treating

We have to say thank you to Energizer and The Motherhood for sponsoring this post! But all opinions and Halloween preparations are my own.

Halloween is just around the corner, and like most Moms,  you know there is so much more to this holiday than just planning the costumes! My kids LOVE Halloween. They enjoy getting all dressed up and heading out the door to trick or treat.  I love the neighborhood we live in except for one BIG draw back and that is the lighting. Our neighborhood isn’t well lit at all, in fact there is only one light halfway through the neighborhood! Oh, and let’s not forget that we don’t have sidewalks here either.  Double trouble for kids out and about during the Halloween Fright Night festivities!

So I want the kids to have fun and not have Dear Old Dad or Mommy tracking their movements.  After all, they are old enough and have friends to join them so let them go off!  However, I want to make sure that they are safe and that we don’t have any accidents from the trip hazards and lack of light around here.  Luckily, that’s where Energizer’s tips are coming in handy.  We’ve gone over these tips at least twice so far and I’m sure we’ll cover them a few more times between now and the BIG DAY (or should I say NIGHT?)!Energizer 3 in 1 Lights

Plan your route ahead of time. Try to avoid any major intersections and you should use crosswalks and sidewalks whenever possible.(well, that’s not an option where we live….) If there aren’t any sidewalks available, make sure you walk in a direction that is facing traffic and be as far over to the left as you an. Before you cross any street, always look both directions.
• Think of new ways to celebrate Halloween: Check around your neighborhood for local “trunk or treats” festivals, this is an excellent alternative to door to door style trick or treating. These types of events are perfect for younger children and in some neighborhoods, it can be difficult to navigate.  Our neighborhood as a gathering quite early for the littlest of kids.  They can go to 2-4 houses and there’s light food and some treats to enjoy.  More party than straight treating, but it works well for everyone in that age group and even parents.
Keep the portable lights with you at all time. Even though it is Halloween, no one wants to be caught out in the dark of the night with no light available. Check Energizer portable lights options – they will help you get ready to hit the streets on Halloween!  Two cool ones that will work well for the Halloween festivities are:

  • Energizer FusionEnergizer LED 2 in 1 Light Fusion Flashlight: They are versatile and compact. The Light Fusion Technology products are water resistant as well as convenient. They also provide bright and impressive lighting that is long lasting and can be seen easily by pedestrians and drivers.

And if you need a few more tips for you and your kids to have a safe and F*U*N Halloween night check out these as well:
• Choose costumes that are lightly colored and avoid dark selections that run head to toe.
• Don’t run, Walk – the candy will be there! By using portable lights like the ones from Energizer,  you can see decorations and what’s in front of you to avoid falling or tripping.
• Make sure the houses you visit are well-lit and DO NOT stop at houses that are dark.
• Make sure cell phones are fully charged and ensure your flashlight has batteries that are fully charged. With Energizer Max w/ Power Seal Technology, they are longer lasting and they don’t leak  – guaranteed.

We’re going to be decorating the house this weekend and stocking up on batteries, Energizer flashlights and headlights for the kids and their friends that are coming over.  Now, if only getting everyone to be happy with their costumes was as easy, maybe I could enjoy the night too!Energizer Lighting

What’s your neighborhood like for lighting?  What arrangements do you have with your kids when trick or treating?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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