Barbie and the Secret Door Party

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I participated in an In-Home Party Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel. I received product samples to facilitate my party and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

My daughter has collected Barbie movies for years and I have watched them all with her many times. I enjoy watching them as a parent because Barbie always teaches a good lesson in each movie. I was happy to see that the same is true for the new Barbie movie that is now available online and in the stores. Barbie stars as Alexa in an all new adventure Barbie and the Secret Door. In this magical, musical adventure, a shy princess would rather read than perform her royal duties. Join Alexa as she discovers a door to wonderful land where she makes new friends and finds the courage to stand up for what’s right. To celebrate the release of this highly anticipated movie, we had a Barbie Party! Melody invited her friends Nora and Leah to join in on the fun.


 I had a lot of fun decorating for the party and maybe went a little overboard with the balloons. The girls didn’t seem to mind and I knew they would enjoy what I had planned for the balloons after we watched the movie. So we headed to the table to eat some yummy snacks and check out all of the Barbie goodies we had.


We had tons of Barbie stickers to give out and play with during the party. I even threw in some bubbles because bubbles are always fun!


 Nora especially loved the coloring book and crayons. She colored while I flipped through the Barbie magazine and read some of the stories inside. All of the girls tried to guess the answers to the quizzes and loved looking at the colorful pictures inside.


 After we tried out all of the Barbie goodies we decided it was time to watch the movie. I gave each girl a cup of popcorn and they got a comfy seat and watched Barbie and the Secret Door.

There were a lot of giggles throughout the movie. I think it was a success! The girls had a fun time watching the movie and I liked it too! I really like how Barbie helps her friends and always does the right thing.I asked the girls what their favorite parts were and they all agreed and yelled at the same time “when the fairy fell on her butt!” That made them erupt in laughter again so I think that really was their favorite part!  Now that we have watched the movie it is time to clean up, well kind of. I do need help getting rid of all of these balloons though. The girls didn’t mind helping with that.


We had a popping contest ! It was fun to see who could pop the most balloons and Nora won by a landslide. She is very resourceful and used every possible way she could imagine to pop them. She even found a way to use a Barbie’s hand at a certain angle to pop them. Even though she popped the most balloons, I think everyone won because this was a great party and I’m happy we all had a good time.


To learn more about Barbie and the Secret Door as well as purchase it online, please click here.

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