Add Some Fire to Your Decor This Year!

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Clean Flames for homeRecently we have been focusing on updating our home and completing some much needed renovation. This time around, I was on the hunt for the coolest products on the market today. We recently updated our fireplace thanks to! When it’s windy, dark, and cold outside you can instantly add a gentle ambiance and warmth to any living space with a range of fireplace that are bioethanol fueled.

You can easily enjoy the comfort and heat provided from an open flame. I love to get the fires lit and have some friends or family over for a relaxed evening, or when I’m alone I love to snuggle up to a good book and a nice flame dancing about the room. It creates a very compelling atmosphere that has made our family fall in love with our ethanol fireplace. for homThese fireplaces are rather new to market and are fueled by a renewable energy source known as bioethanol. They don’t require any flue as a result of the type of fuel. As they burn, each fireplace will create a small amount of water and CO as it heats the space. On average, the output of heat is about two to three kW an hour. This is enough heat that a space of 20 to 40 square meters can be kept comfortable and warm. The major difference between an ethanol fireplace and a wood fireplace is no ash or soot is emitted.

An ethanol fireplace, depending on the model selected, can burn anywhere between one to ten hours. There are several factors that contribute to the burning time. Among the top of the list of important items would be the fuel capacity and the size of the flame. The operational cost of an ethanol fireplace is about the same as burning wood, excluding the hassle of handling and cleaning the logs. Bioethanol fuel is generated from materials that are organic, such as cellulose, corn, or potatoes. Because it is considered to be a renewable energy source, it is fully biodegradable and it doesn’t produce any particles or dangerous fumes as it burns.

There are several reasons to select an ethanol fireplace from First and foremost, while they look stunning by design, they aren’t just for decoration. Many customers purchase them to increase the heat in their homes during the winter season. OptionsAnother reason to choose an ethanol fireplace is because they are easy to operate. All you have to do is fill up the burner with the bioethanol fuel and then ignite it using a lighter. Your hands won’t be dirty and there is no need for any cleaning after you use your fireplace. After you have fully enjoyed the clean-burning flames, you can easily extinguish the fire by placing a lid over it. What’s especially helpful if you have kids is that little hands won’t be getting into the ashes to create a mess. Trust me, you don’t want to have to deal with THAT clean up!

When it comes to owning an ethanol fireplace, you will experience freedom like you never have before. No major adjustments need to be made to your home, and since there is no vent or flue you can put the model you have selected almost anywhere. As your décor in your home changes, you can move your model with ease.

Now you have an option for your fireplace that is fully eco-friendly as well as being modern. I’m thinking that this might be the perfect addition to our home as we complete our renovation this month!

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