Tips from Kitchen – New Knives Make a Difference

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Yes, I received a sample from Gunter Wilhelm for this review.  All opinions are completely my own.
Gunter Wilhelm Knife Review

When you are just starting out in cooking, any pot, pan or utensil will do! Heck, you just don’t know any different. As you progress with your cooking skills you find that having the right tools can make life easier just as having the right ingredients makes any dish turn out better. So when we were asked by Gunter Wilhelm to check out their knife collection, it was impossible to say no!

Now I’ll admit it, when it comes to knives I’m really clueless. I knew that I didn’t have the right knives and those knives I did have, were not in very good condition. I was excited when I found a package at my front door from them! Before I opened it, I noticed that there was a slice in the packaging material. Note to everyone – these knives are sharp and will cut if not handled appropriately!

What's the Best KnifeGunter Wilhelm’s Executive Chef Series of knives is made from high carbon no-stain steel. Incorporating this into their knives allows the knives to have a long lasting edge (Woot! Woot! I need that feature) as well as being stain and rust resistant. The collection has a total of 18 different pieces to it that range from:

Honing knife

Carving fork

Cheese knife

Various Carving knives

Various Chef knives

12” Slicer – Carver

8” Meat cleaver

7” and 5” Santoku knives

to name just some on the list!

I received the 7” Santoku knife to check out.  What I like about Gunter Wilhelm products is that their goal is to create premier cookware and cutlery at an affordable price. For those of us who have shopped for these items, we know how pricey it can get!

In testing this knife out I tried it with a few different items. The weight was not too heavy and bulky and the cutting was amazing after what I’m used to in my kitchen! The true test came when I brought the knife over to a friend who is a chef to test it. Several members of her kitchen staff all came to the front of the restaurant to check it out. With cutting board and veggies, they gave it a whirl (or should I say a slice?). The overwhelming verdict? Nice and a “keeper”.Choosing New Knives

If you are looking for something to improve and enhance your cooking skills, Gunter Wilhelm knives are worth checking out! You can see their selection HERE!  Need a great gift for someone? These knives are something that will be treasured for years!

If you could get one new knife for YOUR kitchen, what type would you choose? And when was the last time you got new knives for yourself?


  1. Rosie says

    These Gunter Wilhelm’s Executive Chef Series of knives look wonderful. I have the worst knives, my best one is a $5 knife from Target, a long time ago. I’d love to have a set of good knives! It would make all that chopping more fun and safer, too.

  2. Annette Centorbi says

    These sound so great!! Would love to get some for my daughter, who is a chef,and always is looking for something new

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