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I participated in a campaign on behalf of I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Summer Activities for KidsThe change is in the air of summer fading and Fall moving in. While I’m a HUGE fan of summer, I’m trying to get positive about the cooler weather. I think because I still want to be in summer mode that getting things together for the kids has not been either a priority or a focus. That’s where has come in REALLY handy!

If I was a shopper, then this Back to School stuff might be fun and I’d make the time and have the energy to go to several places looking for the stuff that the kids need. With work and everything else plus kids of varying ages, online shopping just makes more sense. Somehow what a nine year old girls wants and needs is not even close to what the 14 year old boy is looking for. I don’t know about your kids but I can’t take all of them out shopping to the same places at the same time.

Back to School ClothesBy making the move online, I seem to have a ton of savings. The biggest savings by shopping at has been in sanity! No fighting, no arguments and no tears when something doesn’t fit or they can’t get what they want. Second is the savings of time – wow! I’ll take all of that that I can get.   Rather than it taking three or four trips to get what is needed, I can spend between 15 to 20 minutes (older kids took more time) with each of them adding what they need – which didn’t necessarily line up with what they wanted.

Zappos.comShopping on also allows me the peace of mind in knowing if something isn’t right or doesn’t work, that I can return it for free. Of course, the initial shipping is free as well. No more of the Oh no, it’s costing more to ship BACK than it cost me to buy! Have you had that experience?

Here’s one of my favorite things about buying from them – Your purchases get here FAST! And I mean, fast! No upgraded shipping, no extra charges – just the fastest shipping and delivery I’ve seen from an online purchase ever.

If you are scrambling like me to pull this school year together, then zip on over to and see if they can help you out! If you hate pointing and clicking, then call! They’ve got people there 24 hours a day! Who else is gonna be there for you in the middle of the night when you decide to shop?

Here’s a few of the items that we’ve purchased from so far this year:

Nike Dri-Fit – Great for my son on those workout days!

Nike Dri-Fit crew socks – Yes, I made them each get these.  So tired of missing socks.

Vineyard Vines Tucker Shirt in White – Got to make a statement when it’s a uniform of shirt and tie for school!

Looking for the latest pics for fashion or Back to School cool?  Check out on Pinterest or follow them on Facebook.

Ok, tell the truth – what’s your favorite thing to shop for during Back to School time?

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