Make Back to School Shopping Easier with FLIPP

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This product was received for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.

Boating on the Chesapeake BayReally? I mean, really? Summer is just about gone ALREADY? How does it happen that this wonderful time of year flies by but winter drearily drags on and on? Because I can’t quite make the adjustment to the fact that it’s just about back to school time, I’m trying to find ways to do what’s needed to prep for it and help the kids get ready while still fitting in as much of summer time fun as I can! That’s where FLIPP is coming in handy.

As I said in a prior post on FLIPP (check out that post HERE), FLIPP is an app that’s available for both iPhone and for Android phones and is designed to help you quickly and easily check out what the stores in your area have in their flyers and on sale.   The number of stores that are included are growing every day it seems!

I love the money saving potential I can get from FLIPP. For example, I thought that one store in particular was going to be our best option for all the things we needed to pick up this year. But as I sat in the car waiting for the kids this morning, I checked out a couple of stores and found out that I would have paid a LOT more if we went there rather than to two other stores.

All I had to do was flip (ok, ok – yes, I had to use that word at least once in this post!) through the flyers and tap the items that I liked and they were saved for me. When we got back to the house I handed the phone to my son to check out the items that he needed. At 12 he’s old enough to give it a try. However, the new tv that he added into the list didn’t make the final cut!Back to School

Once everyone’s list was gone through, it was easy enough to go to the two stores for the gear and supplies. Not being a shopper, I loved being able to go into the store knowing exactly what I was looking for from that store. Grabbed what I wanted and headed to checkout. I think this trip for Back to School shopping was done in less than half the time of last year.

FLIPP for iPhoneWhat was really great was that when we got to the store all I had to say to the kids was if it’s not on our list or highlighted on my phone, it’s not being bought! WOW! Totally eliminated the “Can we get……” from that shopping trip!

If Back to School is a reality and shopping is a requirement, then using to save time, energy and money is one of the best things that I can think of to make it a better deal for Moms.

Get FLIPP for iPhone Here!  Get FLIPP from Google Play Here!

How are you getting ready for Back to School with your kids?  Can FLIPP make shopping easier for you?

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