Easy Options for What to Get Coaches and Teacher Gifts

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Ugh, sometimes I just never know what to get for presents for people on my lists! I think the worst is when I’ve got to figure out something for the kids’ coaches, teachers and others like that. I don’t really know them nor do I know their interests and it makes it all that much more difficult and time consuming since I waste a boatload of time culling through dozens of options. Teacher GiftsThis summer though I think I may have my answer! I’m going with the “FUN” theme and getting them something that will resonate with the summer experience and their influence on our children. I discovered the 1MiniMe.com website and the funky statues that they have for all kinds of event, occasions and gift giving. You can check them out here for yourself! It’s simple to do, send in a photo of the person (or persons in some instances) that you want to have a statue of and select which theme you want. Some theme options include:

  • Sports
  • Hobby
  • Costume
  • Kids
  • Work
  • Hobby
  • Wedding

These are just a few of the categories to select from of what you could do! I checked really closely and the details and quality here seems a lot higher than some of the others out there. The fun part is deciding all the options for your statue! Personally I really love bobbleheads, so I paid for ours to do that. They have a couple of different sizes and if you are doing several of the same, you can even get discounts. WOOT! You can also add logos or personalized messages as well. I can see tons of cool ways to use these! What I like is that they get your approval and signoff before sending it to you. A lot of other companies don’t have that kind of quality check first. I mean, these are affordable but I still want to make sure that I like and get what I anticipated!Gifts for Coaches Right now I’ve got to find gifts for the summer sport teams and the coaches and I am also looking for a tutor gift as well. I think these are going to be my go-to option for now and in the future! What do you in these thank you or gift giving situations?

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