What is Colic and What Can You Do About It Now?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Colief®. The opinions and text are all mine.

If you’re like me, it breaks your heart to hear your baby cry. Especially when they are so little they can’t articulate to you exactly what hurts. I was so excited when I brought my little ones home. My children suffer from allergies to milk-based formulas. Colief Infant Drops have been a blessing in helping to relieve my children of pain in their stomachs.

Many of the illnesses and discomforts that our babies seem to have can stem from colic. The condition of colic in a baby is simply the severe abdominal pain that is a result of spasms. When your baby has it, you know it! And if you don’t, I guarantee you someone around you will raise the subject pretty quickly! I have many memories of holding my children and soothing them after giving them Colief Infant Drops. They work quickly and have been a real blessing.

baby with momAccording to a study summary in American Family Physician, up to 28% of all infants experience colic, which is defined as repeated episodes of excessive and inconsolable crying in an infant that is in otherwise perfect health.

Colic usually begins about two weeks after birth and subsides by three or four months of age. While the baby is experiencing colic, it can disrupt the entire family.

Generally, parents can identify colic using the “rule of threes:”

Unexplained crying in an infant for at least three hours per day,three days per week for at least three weeks (or more). ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?

Because your baby hasn’t learned to talk yet, it can be hard to figure out if they have colic or not. Some babies never complain and they express their discomfort and pain as they cry. Sometimes you feel like you are somewhat helpless when it comes to easing the pain. There are a few cases, where a fever could develop.

What is colicThere are many reasons why your child could experience colic. Some of the symptoms include:

Long periods of crying and they are very difficult to console.

It will typically occur after meal time and at the same time period of the night or day.

Your child will show signs of abdominal bloating or signs of discomfort from gas.

When they have colic, their stomach will be hard. As they cry, they will pull their knees up and clench their fists in reaction to the pain.

They can also experience sleeplessness and irritability.

Colief contains the enzyme lactase, which eases digestion, thereby reducing the lengthy bouts of fussiness and crying that are associated with colic. It’s designed to help ease digestion. While the actual cause of colic is not known, it is believed that some babies have difficulty digesting the lactose in breast milk or infant formula.

It is important to be aware of things that can contribute to your child developing colic.

Overfeeding could cause colic and it could develop into a severe condition.

Foods that are high in sugar, such as juices could increase the level of gas within the stomach.

Adults who show excitement, anger, fear, or anxiety could cause the discomfort to become worse.

Colief Infant DropsColief Infant Drops are amazing at helping to reduce the discomfort your child could feel. I remember one time, my daughter had a bad case of colic. It was coming from her formula. She would cry so loud and no matter what I did, she couldn’t be soothed. I would rock her, sing to her, and hold her close. All the things that would normally work when she was tired but with colic they didn’t work. Colief has an awesome ABCs of Colic video that you might want to check out to learn more – HERE


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What are some of your favorite memories with your baby?

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