What’s Perfect for New Baby Shower Gifts?

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Tips for ParentsWhen you are having a baby there are all kinds of new and exciting things to think about, plan for and do.  But here’s the real deal, no one ever tells you about some of the realities of having babies in the house.  One of the downsides is that they poop.  And they do it quite regularly to frequently.  Your house is going to really smell if you don’t address the dirty diapers.  I found that out the hard way.

When I had my first child I was out somewhere in La-La Land.  Made more mistakes than I care to think about.  Was scrambling when I left the hospital because I didn’t have a car seat and the list of craziness goes on!  After a couple of months I started to notice the wrinkling noses when I let people in the house.  Yes, the smell was getting stronger.  Finally, someone told me that it smelled “baby like” through our tiny house and that I might want to look into options like a Diaper Genie (Don’t forget to get your special gift card with purchase below!).  While money was tight, as many new parents find, we got one at the new Target in our area. About Diaper Genie

So whenever I’ve got a shower or new Mom gift to think about I deal with the practical.  After all, let the Moms and Dads To Be enjoy at least a little fun time before the baby arrives!  Let them look for cool clothing, fun toys and more. I’ll get them what they really need!  My go to choice is either a Diaper Genie or I make up a fun gift basket if I know they already have one or are thinking of getting one. New Baby Shower Gift

I generally give them something that allows them to store baby gear whether it’s toys, clothing or diaper changing items.  So a basket, box or carryall works well.  This helps keeps the chaos of all the baby stuff a bit more under control.  Then throw in a few Diaper genie refills (this helps avoid the uh-oh we ran out syndrome!).  Last but not least, a fun fluffy toy.  Tip – you never know which stuffed toys will become the favorite so having a few varieties will help you find THE ONE that your baby will love.

Baby Shower Gift IdeasSeveral times I’ve given this a new baby shower gift and it gets a basic appreciative comment and I just smile.  Within 3-6 months after the baby’s arrival I get another call or comment, “I can’t thank you enough!  We had no idea how much of a difference a Diaper Genie would make.”  Another set of parents learning the ropes…..Ideas for Baby Shower Gift

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