How-to:The Unforgettable Birthday Party

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How-to: The Unforgettable Birthday Party


It doesn’t matter if the number of candles on the cake is 1 or 100, every birthday is cause for celebration and celebration means making memories that will last long after the party is over. Below are some tips from the experts at Big Dot of Happiness ( to help make your next celebration unforgettable.

Begin planning a remarkable birthday party by choosing a theme. Think about what makes the birthday girl or boy “YOU-nique.” A hobby, sport, special interest or favorite color? Styling your party to reflect the guest of honor’s distinctive is key. From a perfectly-themed cake and buffet table to custom favors, capturing their spirit will make them feel like the most special person in the world!


Next, plan your guest list around friends and family that are sure to get the party started. It’s easier to figure out how many guests to expect, then choose the place and time accordingly. Whether it’s the backyard or a banquet room, choose a place that will make it easy for everyone to attend and enjoy the day, taking into account age ranges. Do you need a place for kids to run and play? Lots of seats for older guests?

And finally, decide on a menu that is special for the guest of honor. Are they vegetarians? Do they LOVE pizza? What about food allergies? Whichever it is, plan the food around their favorites and they will forever recall the party that was all. about. them.

After all this prepping and planning, the last thing to do is GET EXCITED! You have mentally prepared for weeks – you got this! You are about to make some memories by hosting a remarkable celebration everyone will reminisce about for years to come. THIS is the party that starts the sentence “Remember that time when…”

Plan a remarkable celebration when you: 
Ask About Favorites 
Plan the Guests, then the Place & Time 
Choose Themed Decorations 
Create a Fun Menu 
Get Excited! 
Some of our favorite birthday party trends right now are: 
Photo Booths 
First Birthday Smash Cakes 
Decorating with Photos – Banners, Photo Walls, Photo Guest Books 
Themed Food Signs 
Pattern Mix-and-Match Decorations 
DIY Party Tassels 


Still not sure how to make this the greatest party EVER? Big Dot of Happiness has free concierge service, too. Visit us at and we’ll get it all dialed in for you!

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