Best Summer Activities for Kids!

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When school is out, all kids look forward to is the long lazy days of summer! They want to kick back, relax, and veg out like broccoli in front of the television for hours on end. As parents we know a better option is to have them using their imaginations to make projects that will reflect their very own unique talents.Summer Activities for Kids

Now some people will argue that kids are in school 10 months out of the year and it shouldn’t matter what they do on summer vacation. However, it is important for them to remain active and to keep their creative juices flowing all the time.

Being artistic and creative is not the same thing. Creativity is the way you approach your life. Thinkers who are creative, know that they may have problems in a variety of situations, however when they run across an obstacle, they will find a way to conquer it without giving up or giving in. In order to learn new skills your children have to be ready to take a few risks. This is an important life lesson that as a parent you should encourage in your child.

It is important that you engage your children in activities. For example, science projects or crafts allow the child the opportunity to learn and practice certain skills. Even though they are following a project guide, they will still make a variety of decisions such as what color they need or where to place a certain item. When they become familiar with these projects, most kids want to do them over and over again. That is when the creativity really begins to flow. First they change colors, then the shapes, and all of the sudden it becomes a brand new project.What to do with kids in summer

Projects that encourage creativity will encourage your child figure out the resources to make what they want to make, rather than just opening a package that has everything all in one spot. Let’s say the first project requires an old pair of pantyhose or a pair of knee highs and you don’t have any. Let them figure out what they could use as a substitute. Maybe an old sock would work or even a dish cloth. It is fun to relax and let your children figure out their problems on their very own.

This summer, invest in a range of activities that will encourage your children to think and to use a variety of different materials. One of the best parts of any summer activity is that many of them can be completed outdoors, which means less mess to clean up! But all the while your kids are continuing to learn!

Send them on a scavenger hunt in the back yard. Have them look for a certain type of flower, bird, or insect. When they finish reward them for fulfilling all the items! Teach them how to make homemade bubbles and let them blow them outside. Let them explore outside and come up with their own stories and adventures. The point is to keep them motivated and thinking. It will make their summer more fun and interesting.

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