Finally! Get That TV Off the Floor – Sanus TV Wall Mount

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YAY!  Our home removation from the destruction of the 22 burst water pipes is getting closer to the end!  Be on the look out for some awesome photos and posts of the whole process and what we did along the way.  I think you’ll be floored (get it? ) by the whole thing.   One of the cool things we did in the renovation is to add a 3 season sun room into the kitchen to make a BIG family room and eat in kitchen space.  It’s not done yet or I’d show you some pics.  But one feature we’re including is wall mounting a tv to cut down on furniture  and give the whole area a cleaner and less cluttered look.

SAnus_TV_Wall_MountWe decided to give a Sanus tv wall mount a try and see how that worked.  Can’t wait to see it in full motion action soon!  The Premium Series Full Motion Television Wall Mount from Sanus allows you to enjoy an awesome picture no matter where you watch it. Extend, swivel, level, and tilt your television without having to use any additional tools. Best of all, I love the fact that cables that are often unsightly will remain concealed and install is FAST AND EASY.

You can precisely position your flat panel television with this wall mount. It is a full-range of motion bracket that can support from 15” to 39” sized televisions that have a weight of up to 60 pounds. With the articulated arm, it can be extended up to 15 ½ feet outward from the wall. You can swivel your television side to side or you can also tilt it up and down until you get it set in the optimal viewing range that meets your preferences. The mount has an arm that is hollow that will let you thread the cables through so they can be kept out of sight and tangle free.

SANUS TV MountsThe television wall mount features a design that is full motion. This wall mountable bracket comes with 4 points of motion for optimal positions of viewing. It can be extended from the wall a range of 3.25”to 15 1/2 “. It can be tiled up or down and it can be swiveled to the left or right. It can also be rotated a full 90 degrees to the left or right for portrait or landscape viewing.

Please Note the following: You may need additional hardware according to your specific model of television. For example, longer or shorter screws or slimmer or thicker spacers or washers. You can find these accessories at your nearby hardware store.

And for those that like this type of home improvement projects, here’s the Tools for Installation –  the following tools that are the most recommended for mounting this model:
• Measuring Tape
• Level
• Stud Finder
• Drill of their
• For Wood studs a 7/32 Bit
• For Masonry 3/8” bit
• Socket wrench ½”
• Screw drivers
• Hammer
• Pencils

Stay tuned for more info on our home rehab and home renovations!  And don’t forget to check out Sanus for all TV wall mounts HERE!

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