Home Storage & Cleaning Solution All In One

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I received this product for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

I love having a clean home and it takes many gadgets and products to get it the way I like it. With all of these things lying around it seems like it defeats the purpose of cleaning when you have to make a mess just to clean one up. I have an area in my laundry room closet where I keep all of my cleaning products, mops, broom, and dustpan. When I take all of that stuff out of the closet I make such a mess and when I am all done cleaning my house I have to strategically place everything back in there. It is enough to keep me from ever starting to clean! I just never seem to have a place to put my broom. It’s too big to fit in a cabinet and whenever I go and get it I seem to always forget my dustpan. Once I heard about the Broomy, I immediately thought, why has it taken this long for someone to make this great product?


This foldable broom and dust pan is a wonderful idea! It works just like any broom and dust pan but it easily stores almost anywhere. You can even hang it from the wall.

DSC09670When you just need to store it you can even put it in a drawer or underneath just about anything because it folds down into a compact size. It’s also very easy to adjust back to full size for ordinary use around the house. Just pull the pole out and twist the black lever and it stays in place during even the toughest jobs.


It really is effortless and cleans my floors just like my standard mop and broom set. I love how easy it is to store and plan on keeping it in my kitchen for quick access!

DSC09672This space saving, house cleaning, easily stored life saver can be purchase at Viatek.com for only $19.95 visit their site for more information. Plus one of our lucky readers is going to win a Broomy by entering below.



  1. Sarah Coenen says

    This would be a DREAM! We are a military family living in a small base house so storage is an issue. I have 2 little guys that I homeschool who’s job it is to sweep up. This would be SO NICE to have (and to move around as we so often do)!!

  2. Melissa Stover says

    I keep cleaning supplies in my bottom cupboards, in the front closet, in the storage area, everywhere lol. This is so nifty and Neat! Would love to have one :) Thanks

  3. Virginia Rowell says

    I have my cleaning supplies on the floor by the washer and dryer. I could definitely use a broomy.

  4. leah says

    I keep the cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. I could definitely use one of these…I don’t even have a broom anymore! I’ve been using the vacuum

  5. Denise Taylor-Dennis says

    My son is always dropping crumbs around it would be handy to have one of these to sweep them up.

  6. Holly Wright says

    I live in a small townhouse, so I keep half in the hallway closet and the other half under the sink! BLAH!

  7. Eloise Carlson says

    I keep my cleaning supplies in the cabinet under the kitchen sink and some in the bathroom in the cabinet under the sink. I keep my brooms and mops in the utility closet. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  8. Rebecca Parsons says

    I have my cleaning supplies by the refrigerator because I have no storage in my kitchen at all. I could definitely use some kind of storage.


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