Teacher Gifts – 7 Creative Ideas for Gift For Teachers

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When it comes to teachers, they play a very important role in the guidance of the growth and development of our children. It starts at a very early age, all the way back to nursery school. They spend eight hours or more with your child on a daily basis. They teach your kids the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math. As a parent, it is a good idea for you to take time out to show your appreciation to your child’s teachers.Teacher Gifts Ideas

When it comes to making your gift selection, think about what they might like or what would be useful to them to help make life a little easier. There are all kinds of gifts that can be designated just for teachers. Here is a list of the top 7 items that make the best gifts for teachers:

1. Gift Basket: You can easily design a gift basket with your child’s teacher in mind. You can include a gift tote filled up with books that are inspirational, a cup for coffee, a journal, some gourmet coffee, and a few different varieties of gourmet treats.

Gifts for Teachers2. A coffee mug that is personalized: You can buy a white ceramic coffee mug at any local dollar store. Grab some different colored sharpie markers. Sit down with your child and help them to personalize the mug with the name of the teacher, the subject they teach, the grade level, and the date.  Don’t have time to do it yourself?  Then check out the online options for having them make and ship you something special and just perfect for your child’s teacher this year.

3. A custom picture frame: Again, something fun you can do with your kids. You can get a picture frame and put the teachers name on it, school, grade level, and the subject they teach. You can choose from a variety of colorful designs, stickers, glitter, or gem stones that you can add.  In addition, there are several online stores where you can create your own custom picture frame and have it shipped to you or the teacher directly.

4. A tote bag that is personalized: All teachers carry materials for teaching to and from class every day. They take home student’s homework and bring it back to school, and they carry home books and lesson plans that they take back to school. You can help them keep up with these items a little easier with a tote that you have personalized just for them. You can either have their name put on it, or their initials.

5. Personalized pens: All teachers use pens for everything from grading papers to taking notes. A pen that you have personalized is a useful and welcomed gift.

6. A key chain with a Flash Drive: Teachers write lesson plans, prepare notes, and a variety of other things on the computer. A flash drive would come in extra handy for storage and easy transport of these items between home and work. This gift can easily be engraved and it is perfect for any pocket or purse.

7. A Small screw driver or key chain set: Kids and teachers wear glasses and sometimes screws can get loose. Having a smart personalized key chain that has two small screwdrivers hidden in it will come in real handy! It can also be useful for tightening screws on small electronics as well.

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