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Best Graduation GiftsYes! The big day is here! Finally, no more tuition, no more fighting over grades.  Finally, your kids have graduated!   Honestly, did you think that this day would get here?  In some respects the fact that the tuition bills and costs are going to drop is exciting.  On the other hand, it also means your baby is leaving the nest and that’s got its own stuff associated with it.  We can talk about that at another time however!    But, now, what will you get your kids and other graduates in your life to say congratulations in a special way? What will you do to send them off on their own? Well, first, you have to get in the car (only after reading this) and drive over to Best Buy! They have a HUGE selection of graduation gifts at great prices that will say congrats all over them.

My niece is graduating and moving out right after to start her new career.  The costs of setting up a place of her own is eye opening for her.  I’m pretty sure that she is now beginning to realize what a good deal she had at dear Ole Mom and Dad’s!

A new home is always fun so I think we’ll help with a graduation gift for the house.   I know I remember all of the things that I did NOT have when just starting out.  This young lady MUST have her coffee in the morning, so a Keurig Elite Single Serve Brewer will help her feel at home out in the world. She also loves watching her movies on Blu-Ray, so, I got her the Sony Smart Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-Ray Player so she will know who her favorite aunt is while also being able to feel like she is back home in her own house watching on her Dad’s TV.

What to Get for GraduationI’m doubly pleased because not only am I getting Kelsey some great gifts, I’m also not breaking the bank.  When I was checking out gifts for graduate options in Best Buy recently, there were a TON of cool options for under $50 and boatloads more that were less than $100.   So don’t let your kids leave the nest without a great parting gift, stop by Best Buy today and pick them up gifts that will help them stay at home when they aren’t there!  And who knows, if you give them something they need and  want maybe they won’t  come back and take yours?

Got graduates in your family?  What are you thinking of getting them?

Check Out Gifts for  Graduates at Best Buy Today!

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