Six Things Kids Can Do for Mom on Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is a special day to recognize the most important woman in your life – your mom! As a mom, we never expect anything fancy or expensive, it’s always the little and more creative things that mean the most. Mom’s love the gifts that are heartfelt from their children. Here is a Gift for Momlist of six fun things that kids can do (with the help of an adult of course…) to make mom’s day even more special. And…yes…you should leave this page on the browser as a good hint to get them started….

1. Making Breakfast: Be sure to prepare everything beforehand. Let the kids feel like they are in charge in the kitchen. Set out some plain yogurt with a variety of toppings and let the kids make up a breakfast sundae. Next, let their creativity run wild as they create berry flowers on a bed of cream cheese across a bagel. They will undoubtedly need your help, which opens the door for some quality time while in the kitchen.

2. Fun with Handprint Crafts: All mom’s love hand made things! There’s nothing like capturing those tiny fingers and hands to make any craft that much more special. You can help your children make handprint flowers or a clay imprint. Or you can dip their hands in colored paint and put it on white paper with their name and date and frame it for a wonderful gift mom will cherish always.

3. Write About Mom: Kids always look up to their parents. Helping them express their thoughts through writing is a great way to show Mom some love and affection. You can use a printed questionnaire you can find online or prompt kids to write a message that is heartfelt or encourage them to share their favorite memory of mom. Either way this gift will surely make her smile and giggle!

4. Draw Pictures for Mom: Dig out the crayons, markers, and paints and set your little artists free! Let them create pictures that Mom will love to hang onto. You can even take the photos and have them transposed to coffee mugs or onto an apron to make it a keepsake mom can put to use.

5. Draw her a Card: Hand out the art supplies, folded papers, and let the kids have free reign. You can even print images onto paper and let the kids color them in. Help your kids write out a message from the heart wishing Mom a happy day and she will be grinning from ear to ear!

6. Make Dinner: This can be something really special! Help your kids make up some meatloaf muffin hearts or they can bake a potato in the microwave and put the toppings on the side. Or what about making mom a nice healthy chef’s salad with her favorite dressings? The possibilities in the kitchen are endless, so get in there and have some fun.

Whatever you choose, just know that Moms really love the fact that you thought and tried.  That’s the best way to show that you love them!

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