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This post brought to you by New York Life. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s time to celebrate MOMS!  I mean, as a Mom, I think we should be celebrated all year – but since that’s unlikely to happen, I’ll take the upcoming Mother’s Day fun.  New York Life is adding Mother’s Day into their celebration of all the good times that happen in families and throughout the various holidays.   They’ve got some really awesome videos on their site that reflect these concepts.  Definitely worth checking out! (See their Celebrating Good here)

One of my favorites is the “The Happiest Daughter” video.  This one demonstrates something many of us can relate to, when the unexpected arises as it often does in life, rising to the challenge and making the most of it is important.   I think that each of us can share something that fits with that.  I think of my mother especially.  She suffers a chronic and debilitating health ailment that we call “the wobbles” in our family.  The end result will be, at some point that she will not be able to walk.  However, that’s not what she focuses on. 

My mother enjoys each and every day!  When “the wobbles” make it impossible to stand, she does her crossword puzzles, reads or cooks sitting down.  She has a stool to sit on as she wanders her garden and attends to the incredible garden that she and my father have created.  On days when she’s feeling good, off she goes at 100 miles an hour!  Friends for lunch, book clubs, antiques, killer clothing sales and don’t forget the afternoon stop for coffee and a perusal of the latest magazines at her favorite coffee shop!

Her attitude and believe in the good and positive despite what might be happening now is truly ingrained within her.  She has a sign as she comes out of her room each morning that says “Choose Joy”.  And she does.  I’m working on it and hopefully will get there like she does 100% of the time!   I have to say that the love and joy my mother shows to each of us and everyone she meets is truly reflective of keeping the good going. 

With Mother’s Day arriving this weekend, how about sharing and keep good going by letting us know how this video fits in your life?

And check out what New York Life is doing with their Celebrating Good and share how your Mom has helped you!

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