How Mother’s Day Started – Nope, Not Because of Greeting Cards!

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Many people are unaware of the true history of Mother’s Day and how it all began. They think that it was started by some big name greeting card manufacturer or florist. But in reality, the origins go much further back than that.

History of Mother's DayThe earliest mother’s day recorded goes back to the time of the ancient Greeks and the spring festival that was dedicated to the mother of many deities, Rhea. The Romans made offerings to the Great Mother of the Gods, Cybele. It is further believed that many of the Christians celebrate festivals in honor of Mary on the fourth Sunday in Lent, believed to be in honor of the mother of Jesus.

In the UK, this religious holiday was further expanded to include all moms and it was given the new name of “Mothering Sunday”. People would return home on this special Sunday and offer special cakes or small gifts to their moms. The entire family would attend church together and afterwards would enjoy a lavish dinner prepared in mom’s honor that consisted of veal or lamb, where mom was treated as though she was queen for the day, with everything being about her happiness and comfort.

The custom of having a celebration on “Mothering Sunday” spread widely throughout the 19th century. The day’s celebrations were quite festive and the main dish known as furmety was comprised of sweet milks used to boil wheat grains, and then spices and sugars are added. In our modern society today, this holiday celebration has evolved and is simply called Mother’s Day in many of the western civilizations around the world.

In the US, Mother’s Day is traceable about 150 years back. An Appalachian housewife known as Anna Jarvis organized this day to raise the community’s awareness of their poor conditions of health. This was a cause she felt was best served through local mothers. She referred to it as the “Mother’s Work Day”. The idea was considered to be so good that it didn’t take it long to spread throughout the states. In 1910, the governor of West Virginia issued the very first proclamation of Mother’s Day. Later that same day, Oklahoma did the same and celebrated that very same year. By the year 1911, there wasn’t a state left that did not host their very own celebrations for Mother’s Day.

When it comes to mom, there are a wide array of ideas for gifts out there today. You can send her for a fun spa day where she can get a massage, or maybe you could send her to get a make-over. You mom may enjoy a gift card to her favorite store. You could also go the traditional route of sending her a bouquet of flowers or a cookie bouquet. No matter what gift you choose, it will definitely touch her heart and make her smile.

What fun things do you have planned for your Mom this year?

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