Lozz Dozz helps us Buy 1 & Give 1 to an Orphan

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My daughter loves her new V-neck shirt from Lozz Dozz, not only is it comfortable but she loves the way it looks too! The blue color brings out beautiful eyes and the Lozz Dozz logo helps spread the word about this great cause. My favorite part is when you purchase a shirt from Lozz Dozz an orphan in need receives one too! Here is some more information I received about this organization:
From a literal dream to reality, Lozz Dozz has created an innovative business model that combines compassion with the apparel industry. When Raquel Alonso Cangialosi first dreamed of a children’s clothing line that was not only fun but helped orphans around the world she thought it was a fluke. But, after ten nights of this recurring dream she decided to take it as a sign the time was ripe to venture out into entrepreneurship.
The words “Lozz Dozz” kept appearing in her mind and in the dream. After some searching she realized they stood for “Love the Orphans in Zambia and Zimbabwe” and “Donate to Orphans in Zambia and Zimbabwe,” which became the name and mantra of the brand. According to UNICEF, these two countries alone account for approximately 4 million orphans looking for a helping hand, which is where Lozz Dozz steps in. Currently the brand offers two different collections that are made in the USA sweatshop-free, each one benefitting the orphaned children in Zambia and Zimbabwe.
The Buy-1-Give-1 to an Orphan Collection is a creative way for kids to fall in love with Lozz Dozz’s soft and comfy t-shirts while supporting a great cause. Their shirts are made for kids ages five to twelve and printed with fun designs sporting birds–a symbol for the orphaned children. With the purchase of every tee from this line they will donate one to an orphan in need.
The Project Orphanage Collection focuses on the lofty and rewarding goal of building a state-of-the-art orphanage in Zambia. Lozz Dozz will put 50% of the profits from every sale towards the 100K cost for constructing the center. In addition to these two endeavors, they also offer a fundraising program for local schools and groups to get involved and spread the message.
Raquel Alonso Cangialosi  launched the brand in 2010 as a way to follow her passion for helping those in need. Since the age of 18, Alonso has spent time traveling to thirteen different countries and working with various organizations helping in orphanages and connecting with children. After spending ten years in the business and financial scene it was time to fulfill her dreams and make a difference in the world.
Check out Lozz Dozz and pick out your own shirt while helping an orphan in need receive on too! These would make great gifts!

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