Jillian Michaels Body Revolution from Gaiam Review

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I received the items in this post for the purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.


We all know and love Jillian Michaels from the hit tv show The Biggest Loser. If you are anything like me you envy her athleticism and toned body too! I would love to get in shape like Jillian Michaels without having to be on a hit TV show like The Biggest Loser. With her newest Extreme 90 Day Weight Loss System I can get in shape just like Jillian from the comfort of my own home.


The back of this package shows a handful of success stories of people just like me that have lost weight using this weight loss system. It even states that you could lose up to a jean size in the first week! Now those are results that most of us only dream of but this system delivers in every way. It really is a complete weight loss system because it includes everything you need to get in the best shape of you life in as little as 90 days. Oh yeah and my favorite part is these workouts only take 30 minutes each day to complete. Check out what is included in this set below:


Here is some information about what is included in this fat burning weight loss system directly from Gaiam.com

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution™ is a 90-day extreme weight loss system that will overhaul your entire body in just 30 minutes a day! Jillian utilizes her Metabolic Training methods to burn more fat than cardio or weight training alone. The residual calorie burn can last up to 16 hours post-workout! This innovative three-phase, 15-workout system utilizes a variety of exercises in a series of progressively intensifying workouts to transform your body. Take the step, commit, and see how Body Revolution can change your life!


Low-impact, results-focused moves to build core strength, stability, and endurance. Puts you on the fast track to weight loss with a metabolic makeover.


Greater resistance, dynamic movements, and more challenging exercises. You will continue to shed fat and shred your entire body.


High-energy circuits to tone muscles and shed any remaining fat. Consists of the best-of-the-best exercises to attack trouble zones.


Maximize your weight loss and stay inspired along the way.


Exclusive VIP Membership to Jillian’s online club where you’ll benefit from motivation, coaching, and support from Jillian herself.


Lose up to a jeans size in a week! This step-by-step 7-day nutrition plan features everything you need to know about eating for weight loss without feeling deprived.


90-day mix ‘n’ match meal plan offers recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.


Jillian’s Metabolic Training Rotation Calendar changes from week to week and month to month to keep your body guessing while preventing plateaus and ensuring results.


I love that all of the guess work has been taken out of this weight loss plan. Jillian has taken care of our diet and exercise now all we need to do is show up and give it our all. The recipes in the Fat Burning Meal Plan are delicious and my favorite one was the Multigrain pancakes with berry maple syrup. They smelled so good and looked so great my husband even wanted to try them. He never eats anything that even has the word healthy anywhere near it. He loved them so much that these are the only pancaked I will make from now on.

The 7 day kickstart is just that, a kickstart. It really gets your body ready for what is about to come and detoxes you from what you have already done before starting this plan. I think this program will work for anyone wanting to make a healthy change in their life and workout with Jillian who will kick your butt into shape! Check out Gaiam.com to read more about the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution 90 Day Weight Loss System. Their website is full of everything from health and wellness to clothing and home goods. They have so many great things for such great prices you are going to want to bookmark their site! Check them out on Facebook too! 


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