Fun with Bo-Po Nail Polish

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I received this product for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.


My daughter and I love to paint our fingernails and toenails while watching tv or listening to music together. It is a fun and safe activity to enjoy while beautifying yourself at the same time. My only concern is when we are giggling like we usually do during this quality time we share and barely paying attention to the major mess that is about to happen when we spill the bottle of nail polish on the carpet!


That is a problem of the past when using Bo-Po the brush on and peel off nail polish.


Bo-Po is safe, non toxic, and child friendly! This hit 80’s sensation is back and better than ever in the amazing spill proof container. The stylish polish comes in 10 vibrant colors to collect! I love that there is no nail polish remover required and that it dries super fast. So now I can paint my nails in one bright and bold color then change my mind, as I often do and paint them another color.


I love all of the colors they have available but my favorite is this Cloudy Day blue.

Bo Po Bottles

It is such a relaxing shade that adds a touch of style to my boring outfit today. My favorite thing about this polish has to be the fast drying time and of course it is so much fun to peel off! Do you remember this polish from the 80’s? This is the first time I have heard of it and my daughter and I love it! I can trust her and her friends to paint each other’s nails without worries of spilling! Check out the Bo-Po site and read more about these Peel Off Fast drying polishes and get some for yourself by clicking here.  Be sure to check them out on Facebook by clicking here, to see all of the cute nail polish pictures for inspiration!

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