Flipp Makes Saving Money a Breeze!

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The product was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

While I love to save money, I HATE to search hundreds of circulars and a dozen websites trying to find who has the best deal on a bar of soap!  Flipp'dSomehow it just doesn’t seem that the savings add up when I factor in the amount of time that it took.  One Sunday I calculated that I’d spent 4 hours to save a total of $7.  Hmm, not even close to minimum wage for that amount of time!  But that’s all changed now – I’ve gotten an inside peek at Flipp, an app for your phone that is gonna change how you shop and how much money you save.

Flipp makes it a breeze to find, clip and save from one simple place, your phone.  Search using your zip code and Flipp pulls up the stores, flyers and sales that are going on in your area.  From the comfort of your home, car or the beach you can quickly compile a list of everything and then save that information as well.  When you are ready to go shopping, you have all the information and discounts ready in one convenient app!

Here’s a peek at Flipp on my iPhone (It’s also available for Android users as well) –How to Save MoneyI recently received the opportunity to work with some other awesome bloggers and Flipp’s team as they bring this app out and do additional enhancements.  They’ve also agreed that I can share this information with you as I learn more.  Lucky you to get the inside scoop!  Over the next few months I’ll be letting you in on the details of Flipp and how it can be used to not only save time from mundane coupon clipping but more money as well.

Really looking forward to the opportunity to see what Flipp can do for each of us.  Like most people, I always have my phone with me when I’m out of the house which means now my coupon savings are also always with me thanks to Flipp.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been known to leave my lists and my coupons at home more than once.  After the time spent searching and clipping, it’s a bit frustrating.  Flipp is a game changer in that area.

Now, here’s a screen shot of some of the coupon flyers in our area that we can quickly search through. Do you think this will save you time?

How to Save MoneyCheck out Flipp.com today at the iPhone App Store or Google Play!  Let us know what you think and what feature you like the most.  And remember, follow us, share this info and keep coming back!  We’re going to have some great giveaways and more to share soon on Flipp




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