Each of Us Can Keep Good Going – Want to Join In?

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This post brought to you by New York Life. All opinions are 100% mine.

Keep Good Going is a program developed by New York Life.  It is about the perpetuation and inspiration that each of us can share with others. It is a continuation of the personal good that has a positive effect on everyone throughout your life from friends to family, co-workers to acquaintances. It is about the true good you wish to pass along to those you care for whether it is in a large or small way.

Have you ever had a dream? Have you wished to inspire others and to help them fulfill their dreams? Have your children spoken to you about their goals and you have a desire to help them find fulfillment in their achievements? Through Keep Good Going, you can share with others the helpful tools and inspiration you have given to others to help them along their way. You can share your story and pave the way for others to come forward and disclose their greatness. You can inspire and encourage others to 'Keep Good Going' as they share their own life lessons and stories of their very own.

Life is about possibility. Motivation and inspiration are things that go hand in hand. That is when possibility becomes truly unlimited. Sometimes all it takes is receiving reinforcement and inspiration so a person can regain their belief not only in themselves, but also in their work as well. Sometimes people get stuck, and when that happens life’s problems can become overwhelming. That is why staying focused on the positive is so important. To keep spirits up and to keep them motivated, you need to reassure your kids or others that they are very important. All of us want to feel as though we are important in some way. You may possess the power to lift someone’s spirits and to motivate them when they have lost sight of how important their work is or who they truly are.

As a parent, I find that this concept comes into play more and more as my children get older.  Right now I'm spending a lot of time with my "tween" because he's running into issues and some roadblocks this year.  I guess I'm doing something right because he said he didn't know how I've kept a positive attitude through some of the rough spots that we've had over the last years.  He also has said that these days he thinks of that and it helps him through.

My All-Star DaughterWhen you 'Keep Good Going' you can be an important key to breaking down barriers and dreams can come true. Everyone has talents, latent skills, or ideas that they have dreams and hopes for. When we are a small part of helping someone the possibilities seem to open up and moving forward becomes much easier. Breaking the barriers can breathe new life into an individual’s dreams and in turn can continue to make the world a better place overall.

If we each Keep Good Going, what kind of change would be possible do you think? Who are some of the people that you have helped along the way in your life?

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