Dyson DC65 Animal Complete put to the test

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I received this product for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

I have always wanted a Dyson because they are known to be the best vacuum on the market. I have often wondered if they will live up to all of the hype. They claim to clean better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors. So when I got the chance to review the Dyson DC 65 Animal Complete I was thrilled! I decided to put it to the test against my Hoover Whole House vacuum that I have trusted to clean my floors for the last year I have had it.


The first test was to vacuum my basement carpet with my Hoover and then after with my Hoover. I wanted to see if there would be any left over dirt and debris in my carpeting.


If I wasn’t mortified enough by what was in my carpeting the idea that my vacuum didn’t even pick up all of the dirt really upset me. So the next test  was to vacuum my bedroom carpeting with the Dyson and then see what it leaves behind for my Hoover to pick up.


My bedroom carpets are fairly clean because I vacuum almost daily so when I seen the amount of hair and dirt the Dyson picked up I was shocked. After giving the floor a complete cleaning I used the Hoover and noticed there was very little dust left over that the Dyson didn’t already pick up. I was pretty happy with the sucking power but wanted to try it out on the hardwood floors next.


I love that you don’t have to turn a dial before you can vacuum carpet or hardwood floor. I can just keep going all over my house without turning dials and pushing buttons. The greatest thing is how I can suck up all of the dirt and food that gets underneath my cabinets in the kitchen. My other vacuum would not let me reach under there without having to disconnect the hose and find the right attachment for the job. I always wondered what the ball was for and now I know it is there to make our lives easier! It really allows you to bend and turn easier than any other cleaning tool.


Cleaning stairs has never been easier. I am finally able to reach all of the stairs without having to struggle with the vacuum because the hose is extra long. It is so long that I can reach my ceiling and clean out my track lighting like never before. The Dyson comes with a bunch of attachments including the tangle free turbine tool. My Hoover has a stair cleaning roller tool that gets tangled every time I use it, so this is exciting to say the least!


There is a tool for everything! It even comes with Zorb carpet maintenance powder to absorb dirt and freshen the carpet. The soft dusting brush makes it easier to clean surfaces like lamp shades and other fragile dust collectors around the house. The Multi-angle brush allows me to use the extended reach of the long hose and clean things like ceiling fans and  the top of my cabinets. As you can see there are too many attachments to name and I am grateful that the Dyson comes with a  fancy attachment bag with plenty of compartments to hold everything.


To sum up my experience with the Dyson vs my Hoover I would have to say the Dyson totally won! I love the easy adjustment from carpet to wood flooring, the tools have made my dusting easier, and the extra long hose makes cleaning stairs and hard to reach things a breeze. I would recommend this to everyone and send them over to Dyson.com to get more information about this amazing vacuum today.

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