Capturing Family Memories with CanvasPop

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I received this product for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

My daughter is almost 9 years old, I can hardly believe it! I

have always heard people say time flies enjoy your kids while they are young because they grow up so fast! I never understood it until recently when it hit me that my daughter really is growing up so fast! I really want to enjoy every moment and capture them in the best way possible by taking lots of pictures. With digital cameras these days we all have the tendency to take a million pictures but never do anything with them.

What is the point of taking all those pictures if you never print them out and put them on display?

I was guilty of doing the same thing and now I am going to enjoy my pictures while displaying them for everyone to see.


My family and I love to go for drives and take in all the sights along the way. At the beginning of this year our travels brought us through Amish Country and we decided we would take a family photo when we found the right spot. So armed with a tripod and digital camera we spotted a farm full of beautiful cows and decided to take this photo opportunity no matter how crazy it seemed.  We parked our car on the side of the road and scaled a small ditch after setting up our camera in the middle of the street. We huddled in close by the beautiful cows as they moved in closer to get in on the action. It’s hard to tell in the picture but one overachiever decided to sniff my husbands shirt while we had our backs to them.

It was easy to smile in this photo because of the pure silliness of the situation.

We knew at any moment someone could have driven by and demanded us to move our camera or worse the farmer could have come out and yelled at us for messing with his cows. We really didn’t mean any harm but the Amish are not big fans of cameras so I knew it would be hard to explain our side of the story if they were to come out. After we got our picture we were on our way and couldn’t wait to get it blown up and put on a canvas to forever remember our funny little Kodak moment. So we headed over to CanvasPop and got our favorite family photo ever!


Our canvas has a sticker on the back that says Made with love by Anthony! I love this personal touch it really makes me feel like they care about the work they put out and that I am not just another paycheck, They enjoy preserving our memories and do a great job at it too!


I can not tell you enough how much we love this canvas. It really is the best quality canvas print we have ever received. The best part is they are quite a bargain compared to most online canvas printers. It is a beautiful way to display a family moment and would make a wonderful gift for anyone. Head on over to CanvasPop and start making your memories last a lifetime while enjoying them over and over. Everytime I look at it I giggle remembering the great day we had and when company sees it I love to tell them the story!




  1. Rosie says

    I love this cute story, and the print even more. I think doing this is a great idea, and I’d love to give CanvasPop a try, they sound like a wonderful company and good prices, too. Wow!

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