7 Things Dad Can Do for Mom on Mother’s Day (Or Anytime!)

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Dads are tired after a long week at work, but there are things they can do for their wife for a Mother’s Day present or anytime of the year that will make her happy. Giving mom a night off will show her just how much he really cares. Moms deserve a break every now and then because they are on What to Do for Mother's Daythe job 24/7.  So here are a few suggestions to think of this Mother’s Day!

1. Letting Her Sleep Late: from chasing kids all day to midnight feedings and diaper changes, moms can get really exhausted. Let her enjoy some time for her on your days off and give her a good break by allowing her to sleep in. She will thank you later for the extra rest!

2. Clean the House: Help mom out by doing some cleaning. Fold that pile of laundry, or wash those dishes. The floors could probably use a good vacuuming or the counters could be wiped down. Mom will appreciate the simplest of things. Anything that helps alleviate some of her stress is just what she needs. So take out the trash and pick up those dirty socks off the floor. Every bit will help her out.

3. Give the Kids a Bath: Get in there Dad and help those kids splash about and get squeaky clean! Life is too serious most of the time and you can help the kids have fun when they are getting cleaned up. Plus mom will enjoy a break from this nightly duty!

4. Cook Dinner: Most Dads have the ability to make meals that will make the families mouth water! Dad’s you can make mom’s night a little easier by taking over the task of preparing dinner. It doesn’t have to be hard, you can make hamburgers and fries or even sloppy joes. So start up that grill and get your cook on!

5. Give Her a Night Out: Lots of Dads have a night out with the guys watching football or whatever sport they are into, so why not let Mom have a fun night with the girls. Even if it’s just a movie or a cup of coffee with fun conversation. She will definitely appreciate this loving gesture. Let her know you have everything covered at the house and she can enjoy her night!

6. Step in and Step up: Whenever the kids ask for something, don’t let her get up tell her you’ve got it covered. Take the initiative and encourage theMother's Day Gift Ideas kids to come to you instead of always calling for her. Just let the kids know that mom deserves a break to stay off her feet for once and that you can do these things as easily as she can.

7. Plan Some Alone Time with Her: After a crazy week, it is a comfort to take time out to sit down and relax and cuddle with the one you love. Mom will enjoy not always having to rush and be on the go. So after the kids go to bed, put on a movie, pop some popcorn and cuddle up with each other. It is so much more peaceful to stay home and spend quality time together.

No matter what you choose, whatever you do, the main thing is to let her you still love her after all these years!

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