Spring Cleaning for your yard

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I received this product for the purposes of this review. Opinions are my own.


The snow has all melted and the yard is a mess! I have two dogs and have not cleaned up a single pile of poo all winter long. You do the math, that is a lot of cleanup! I can no longer put it off, I must go out there and clean my yard. So to help me with this project, I am trying out the Bag Up Rake & Combo Tool. 


The rake has a rotating handle which allows for a smooth and easy pick up process. It even comes with handle clips so you can store the rake and bag up tool together. My favorite thing about this tool besides the ease of clean up is that it uses grocery and kitchen bags. So after a trip to Walmart instead of throwing away 20 plus bags I can now reuse them for my pet waste. You could also use Eco-Compostable bags or kitchen bags.


The grocery bags clip on easily and make disposing of my pets waste a much more pleasant experience. After this winter I need all of the help I can get with clean up in my yard. The bag up tool lays flat on the ground so that when you rake the waste into the bag it goes right in. Plus the bag up holds 3x more debris than the average dustpan. It’s easy on your back because it eliminates the need to bend over.  This process beats the shovel and rake routine anyday. I always dreaded the task of hosing off my shovel after a messy clean up in my yard. Now with the bag up tool the mess goes away with the waste. Just throw away the Walmart bag and you are all done! It really makes cleaning up after the dogs so much easier my daughter is willing to help out. 

Check out the Bagup site to make your Spring clean up go smooth this year by clicking here.

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