Sinkstation Review

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I received this product for the purposes of this review. Opinions are my own.


I love to cook healthy for my family but it always seems like it takes way too long and sometimes not worth the effort.

I have to peel the lettuce off of the head, rinse it while making sure it doesn’t fall down the drain, then prepare it by shaking off the excess water and putting it in a bowl. Even after shaking it when I place it into a bowl it seems to retain the water and become soggy. Who wants to eat a soggy salad? Not my family, which is why I feel all of that work just isn’t worth it. Then I found the sinkstation.

This product makes my entire healthy cooking process so much easier and my salads are no longer soggy!


All I have to do is put my sinkstation into the sink and it catches all of my peelings. I can wash my lettuce without the worry of it going down the drain! I can peel potatoes and rinse them in the same space without having everyone take cover from the flying potato skins that seem to never land in the garbage when peeling.  I can use my sinkstation to sweep and catch my worktop waste and rinse all of my fruits and veggies. Then with one easy tilt the peelings fall right into the garbage thanks to this revolutionary flat colander.


The sinkstation is sure to make your cooking a lot easier and cut down on the mess. You can get your sinkstation in red or green.  No wonder why the sinkstation has won the 2012 Excellence in housewares award and 2013 Housewares Conference and  Innovation awards. For more information about the sinksation and to purchase your own please click here.  Check them out on facebook too by clicking here !



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