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This post brought to you by Sam’s Club. All opinions are 100% mine.

When it comes to your baby, you know how expensive formula for an infant can be. Pricing on some of the national brands have become a huge burden on the budget for groceries when you have to buy formula for feeding your baby. Simply Right formula is less expensive than the name brands and it contains ARA and DHA and the formula has been approved by the FDA for providing balanced nutrition for the baby.

My baby had severe allergies, and she experienced severe stomach cramps when she was on one formula. When I started her on Simply Right brand, she was able to sleep all night long and didn’t have any more issues with her stomach. Here is what I love about Simply Right Infant Formulas: The package is re-designed to be more mom-friendly. It was designed by other moms! It also has three new things that are very beneficial for babies eating formula:

1. Scoop Holder that is built in: Everyone hates it when the scoop is lost in the formula when you open the can. You have to dig through the formula just to pull out the scoop, and sometimes that means going all the way to the bottom of the can. With Simply Right there is a little plastic holder and the end of the scoop slides into and holds it up out of the formula itself.

2. Zip Top that is Easy Open: When you peel the foil off the top of a formula as early as 4 am, half asleep, it’s not an easy task! For this reason, the canister has a new zip-top plastic ring that you will pull to remove the whole top at one time.

3. Scoop Leveler that is built in: Right under the scoop holder is a leveler. This allows you to scrape off the scoop so you get the correct measurement every time. Say goodbye to the days of shaking the scoop until the formula will fall off in a clump.

Simply Right Infant Formulas are available at Sam’s Club. This formula provides the top quality nutrients for infants and now contains Lutein for proper eye and brain health. Here is a screen shot of the savings calculator so you can see how much money you can save with Simply Right Infant Formulas:

Clinically proven to support growth and development, now with Lutein for brain and eye health

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