Pearl Hair Remover Giveaway

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I received this product for the purposes of this review. Opinions are my own.


 I am sick of shaving my legs! I don’t want to go to the salon ever again for a waxing and I can’t stand throwing money away on products repeatedly that don’t work! Well with the new Pearl Hair Remover system I don’t have to do any of that anymore.


 The Pearl Hair Remover is intended for use on the face and the body. It is made for all skin types and it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, sticky messes and expensive office visits. If all of that didn’t sound good enough how about this… Pearl is painless! That’s right we can finally get results from a product that is both painless and effective!


This kit includes: Pearl hair remover, Large & small heat transferring tips, soothing serum, large buffer with 4 refill pads, small buffer with 4 refill pads, AC adaptor and Cleaning Brush. This complete kit can be purchased at for $199.00 which at first may seem a little steep but keep in mind the future pay off and savings. You will be saving tons of cash on salon visits and never having to buy razors again is enough of a payment in my eyes to rush over and buy one of these for everyone I know. Especially for my mom on Mother’s Day this would be a great gift! Here is the  best part yet, one of our lucky readers will win this kit during our Mother’s Day giveaways!

You can enter below for your chance to win your very own Pearl Hair Removal System! 



  1. Carolyn Daley says

    I have tried shaving and hair removal cream. Hair removal cream used to work, but when Sally Hansen changed their formula to be similar like Nair I had a severe allergic reaction. I stick with shaving, but would love another alternative.

  2. Megan C. says

    I have tried nair, waxing, and razors. I once tried this as seen on tv product that rubs your hair off.

  3. Melissa Nagy says

    I haven’t tried anything but shaving but I have a laser hair removal appointment scheduled.

  4. JAMES LYNAM says

    I only have used razors. Now I want something new.
    PEARL seems to be the answer, effective & painless.
    Hope I win??!!

  5. Ambrielle Bender says

    I have tried Everything it seems, waxing, shaving, Nair, sugaring…. All become very costly, repetitive, and sometimes downright torturous!

  6. Rhonda says

    I have basically shaved all my life. I tried store-bought wax kits, but hated them. They were extremely irritating to my skin.

  7. Anita L says

    The only hair removal things I’ve used are razors and one time I used Nair which did not work well.

  8. Nancy Loring says

    I have used a razor and it doesn’t last long and I get razor stubble in just a few days. Waxing hurts and can be expensive. Nair doesn’t always remove all of the hair and doesn’t smell good sometimes in the winter it is just easier not to shave. Just don’t tell anyone.

  9. Tracy Robertson says

    I have tried hair removal creams. I find they are great for areas where the hair is very fine, but they don’t even begin to work on my legs. I had to leave them on longer to try to get all of the hair off and they left my skin very irritated. I currently shave which is fine, but I would love the lasting effect that I should get with the Pearl Hair Remover.

  10. Anonymous says

    I currently shave, which works well but I would love the lasting effects of something like the Pearl Hair Remover. I have tried hair removal creams, but they didn’t seem to get rid of all of the leg hair, and they were very irritating to my skin.

  11. Marti Tabora says

    I’ve tried shaving and cream hair removers, but I hate the mess that comes with the creams and I hate the stubble and hassle of shaving.

  12. Nancy Loring says

    I have used nair, razors, waxing, and the easiest thing I have found is not shaving. Altough that doesn’t last to long because I hate to have hair stubble on my legs. I need to use something that is easy and works good.

  13. christine louise byrd says

    i also haave tried many of those electronic ones but i havent found one yet that really works. i would love to try your product

  14. Lisa Brown says

    I have used those epilator-type devices with the rotating discs and they work pretty good; too many ingrown hairs, though, for me.

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