Lug Pedals Lunch Tote & Tackle Box Lunch Tote Review & Giveaway

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I received these items for the purposes of this review. Opinions are my own.


I pack lunches for my husband, daughter, and myself almost on a daily basis. We are constantly going through plastic bags which is a nightmare for the environment and for our health. The plastic bags are not keeping our drinks cold and our lunches hot. Now I can take my breaks with a cold drink and send my family off in style at the same time thanks to Luglife and their awesome collection of lunch totes.


In this picture is the inside of the Tackle Box Lunch Tote. You can see the foil lining inside which really keeps your cold stuff cold and your hot stuff hot. That is how lunch is supposed to be. This tote holds everything I need and even has plenty of room for extra snacks.


Here is a little information about this product that I found on the Luglife site.

Designed to hold a standard sandwich-sized Tupperware, plus additional small containers, this tote can tackle lunches, snacks, and drinks big and small, keeping them cool (or hot!) with its foil lining. The wide-mouth opening makes searching through contents a snap, while its detachable shoulder strap is a lifesaver when you have got your hands full. 

Here are some of the listed features for this tote:
Wide-mouth zip opening for easy access
Foil lining keeps hots hot and colds cold
Detachable shoulder strap
Wipeable bottom and interior
Flat bottom that keeps bag upright
Bonus zip pocket on the back for utensils, napkin, or other small items
ID slot on lower 
Material specially treated with a water-repellent finish


Pictured above is the Pedals Lunch Tote. Don’t let the cute design fool you, this tote holds a ton of stuff. I was able to fit my entire lunch, some snacks, my water bottle and my vitamins with no trouble at all. This tote is also lined with the foil for keeping cold things cold and hot things hot. It also features a water repellant finish on the material plus it is super cute! Check out how much room is inside this adorable tote.


Enter to win your very own Lug Tackle Box Lunch Tote in the colour of your preference below.


  1. Rosanne says

    A sandwich that includes protein, a fruit, a milk product like string cheese or carton of milk and a treat like candy or chips

  2. Amber S says

    It’s always different but I try to keep it balanced with some fruit, perhaps a yogurt and main and a drink.

  3. Casandra says

    I try to cook the night before so me and my husband can have leftovers. I make the kiddos a sandwich with a fruit cup!

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