10 Must Haves for The Super Mom On The Go

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A smartphone and a wireless home security system are the top must haves for any busy mom. With this technology, a busy mom and her home can How to Get Organizedremain wired. Remaining wired keeps a busy mom armed with resources and security always available at the tip of her fingers.

1. Get A Smartphone Now
Mom, if you don’t have a smartphone already then upgrade your life and join the digital age. IPhone or Android smartphone is today’s standard. Mac’s well-loved user-friendly interface extends to their contribution to smartphone technology; while Google’s Android extends the ease of DIY customization found in Windows based laptops and desktops.

2. Install A Wireless Home Security System
Today; busy moms have an array of DIY and professional options to install a wireless home security system. From kits at popular hardware stores such as Home Depot, to state of the art systems from a local home security professional, prices and technology have a range wide enough to accommodate any income or home security needs. From fire and burglary alarms with instant notification, to home monitoring to keep an eye on the family, you can find a wireless home security system suited to your life.

3. Find The Perfect Organizer
An organizer to keep your house and family in proper order is indispensable for busy moms. MomAgenda offers stylish organizers tailor made for a busy mom, which includes an Ipad app to make bridging paper and digital organization easy.

4. Become A Master Of Google Maps
Busy mom’s are busy navigators. Running here, there, running everywhere, the most essential app for rushed moms to use in tandem with a smartphone is Google Maps. Master the Google Map app on your phone and bookmark Google Maps on your home laptop or desktop computer too.

5. Upgrade Your Camera App
You have a smartphone and you have mastered Google Maps’ app, the next thing a busy mom needs to master today is digital photography. A host of creative camera apps for Android and Iphone users can spice up your family photos. These apps make it easy for a busy mom to collect memories and do it with style. Many camera apps are offered free, but spending a few dollars on a paid app goes a long way.

6. Use A Dropbox In The Clouds
Keep family media such as photos, videos and important scanned documents in the clouds. Dropbox.com is a file saving and sharing service with a great app extending their service to your smartphone. Keep family media on Dropbox to access anywhere and anytime.

7. Put A Diamond Shield On Your Smartphone
Diamond Shield is a fantastic option for protecting your smartphone. If you rely on a smartphone to traverse day-to-day life as a busy mom, accidents will happen. Diamond Shields gives your phone’s screen shatter proof protection and doubles as a handy mirror to check your lipstick in a hurry.

8. Be Prepared With A Shemergency Kit
The Shemergency Kit by Pinch Provisions is a one stop emergency make-up savior in an compact case. Shemergency is make-up on the go.

9. Eat Well With Grubhub
No time to make dinner? Grubhub gathers open restaurants in your area, brings their menus to you, makes ordering online fast and simple and caters to both carry-out as well as delivery options. Grubhub, of course, integrates with your smartphone via their free app.

10. Simple Organizing With 3M Command Hooks
3M’s Command Hooks require very little installation. The hooks rely on adhesive backing for support offering a quick way to organize around the home.

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