Sometimes You Just Need Some Time to Yourself!

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I received this product for the purposes of our review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

Parenting TipaOk, I admit it, I’m getting older.  I don’t like to admit it but my body sure tells me some days that that’s the case.  Between running around for kids, house and life stuff as well as working full-time, there are times when I need a break.  Luckily, this week I’ve gotten to have not one but two breaks from it all.  I had not been working out for awhile due to a fractured elbow (saving that story for another time) which makes exercising rather difficult!  This week was my get back into it time before warm weather hits! And I overdid it.

So, as a treat to myself I called a Mommy Time Out (you ought to try it sometime) and took fifteen minutes just for me.  Time for a nice bath tub filled with an EveryOne Bath Soak, even adding a candle to help the mood!  There are several options for scents and selections available and all of their products are designed to “reset the body and mind” after a hard day of doing all the things we do each day.  I think my favorite one is called Surfer.  Surfer is designed to be soothing, warming and relaxing – all of which sounded good to me!  Taking a few minutes to inhale the wonderful aroma of lemon and eucalyptus and relaxingbath salts in the Epsom salts, organic olive oil and essential oils did wonders for restoring my body as well as my sanity.  Yes, I think I could go back out and into the home front recharged and refreshed.

Next time I get a Mommy Time Out, I think I’ll try EveryOne’s Yoga Soak.  Yoga soak has rose, lavender and orange scents combined with frankincense.  The concept of a soak that provides balances, soothes and is uplifting sounds like it will be just the thing!

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