Simple Saving Money Tip – Change Your Lightbulbs

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I received this product for the purposes of our review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

energy efficient homeLife is just getting more expensive it seems!  No matter what I do, it seems that costs go up but the bank account doesn’t.  Since we were having to renovate our house under duress, I figured it was the perfect time to look at energy saving options to incorporate into our plans.  Personally, I’d prefer to keep more of my money rather than send it to utility companies each month.  So starting with small steps, I checked out light bulbs. yes, light bulbs!

In my search I discovered Cree bulbs.  They make energy efficient LED bulbs that look like those old regular incandescent light bulbs we all know and love. Sorry, those spiral light bulb things just never seemed to do it for me in terms of lighting.   Best of all, the CREE bulbs actually gave enough light to read by.  My ultimate tester was my 79 year old mother who has resisted changing over her light bulbs despite my father’s best efforts.  Despite her grumblings, I could tell that these bulbs were providing enough reading light and looked good.  The light wasn’t that funny off light that a lot of LED bulbs have and it seemed to diffuse out in a way that made reading and other activities possible.

We left the light on for awhile and then tried to remove it and the bulbs were not hot!  Try doing that with an incandescent bulb and you’ll burn your hand.

saving moneyAccording to Cree’s information, these bulbs last 10 years (WOW) and can save approximately $169 over its lifetime.  Hmm, considering how many light bulbs I’ve got in my house, that’s a ton of savings.

Speaking of savings, in checking around I found that these bulbs cost less than many other energy efficient LED bulbs as well.  When I combine that with how long they will last, this seems like a no brainer in terms of cutting our expenses.

Mission accomplished!  We’re going to change over all our table lamps and reading lights to these.  I’ll let you know what this does to increase our monthly savings in the near future!

To learn more about Cree LED light bulbs, click here and watch your savings grow!

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