Kid-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips That’ll Rock Your World

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With all those play dates, school drop-offs, meals to make, and more, it can be hard to find the time for a good deep clean of the house. But spring’s here, and the age-old tradition of spring cleaning is a great excuse to whip things back into shape. Below are a few fantastic tips for spring cleaning that are eco-friendly, DIY and (believe it or not) fun!

Outgrown Kids’ Clothes

Easy Spring Cleaning TipsKids grow at NASCAR speed, and every time you get them a new outfit, they seem to outgrow it within a month. Instead of stuffing all these clothes into boxes and closets and dishing out dollars to get new duds that’ll fit for oh, say, one month more, try swapping outgrown clothes for useful new duds.

Online swapping sites make this to-do easy and—dare we say it?—super fun. Our current fave swapping site is Swapdom because they do the legwork of organizing swaps for you, and you can trade no-longer-needed kids’ gear for items that fit your tot’s new needs OR a sweet fashion find for yourself (we won’t tell!).

If your clothes aren’t quite fit for giving away, though, you can use them as rags for the DIY cleaning solutions we reveal later on in this article.

Kids’ Craft Area

Playrooms can easily become a jungle of toys, but solutions for keeping things clean don’t have to be complicated. Invest in a few colorful plastic buckets (like what you’d use at the beach) to help organize toys. Designate a red bucket for stuffed animals, a blue bucket for books, a yellow bucket for dolls, and so on. Then, involve your kiddo in clean up, teaching them colors as you go by having them pick up a toy, telling them what color bucket to put it in, and helping them figure out which bucket is right!

Crayon- and Kid-Ravished Surfaces

Scrubbing the house free of crayon marks and stains left by grubby (yet adorable!) little hands may not be as fun to undertake as romantic weekend away without the kids, but nothing beats starting spring out with a house so fresh and so clean, clean, even OutKast would be tempted to write songs about it.

Instead of turning to the bad-for-the-earth, kid-unfriendly cleaning supplies that shout out at us from advertisements and grocery store shelves, concoct your own grime-fighting solutions. Create a stellar all-purpose cleaner by mixing 2 tsp. baking soda, 1/2 tsp. dish soap, 4 tbsp. white vinegar, and 400 ml warm water in a squirt bottle. Then, add a little elbow grease to make those walls and counters shine bright as newly minted pennies!

Armed with these tips, we foresee you fighting your way out of cleaning stagnancy quickly and easily. Good luck, and be sure to share your tips below!

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