FitBit Flex Review

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I received this item for the purposes of this review. Opinion are my own.


So you may be wondering, what is a fitbit flex? Well I thought the same thing when my boss first told me about it. We were discussing pedometers and the one I was using didn’t seem to be very accurate so she began to tell me about her nifty device that does everything a pedometer can do and so much more! So I thought I would test it out and share my results with our readers.

The first thing I noticed about the fitbit flex is how it looks like a bracelet, kind of reminds me of those WWJD bracelets or the ones for cancer awareness. I quickly realized their design is great for people like me who would never remember to put a pedometer on before getting out of bed or out of the shower. No memory required with the flex because you can wear it in the shower and it monitors sleep habits so you will also want to sleep while wearing it. You never have to take it off so you never have to remember to put it back on! Brilliant! 

I wore my fitbit immediately upon receiving it in the mail at about 12:00pm yesterday and have not taken it off since. It is very comfortable and I forget I am even wearing it at times but even if I don’t think about it, it is still doing it’s job.  Let me show you some of my results from yesterday and I will explain what they mean below.

DSC08342In the top left corner you can see the 13,332 steps that I had taken and next to that is a graph on the right. Since I put my fitbit on at 12:00 when I received it that is when my fitbit started tracking my activity. The different colors in the graph show you the intensity of the activity, green is very intense, orange is moderate, and red is light activity levels. I raked 22 bags of leaves out of my yard at 2:00 until about 6:00, so that explains the jumps in my activity. The red lines at about 4:00 is when I started using my leaf blower and stopped raking by hand. When I received the fitbit flex first entered my information in a matter of minutes it was all set to go.

Some of the information included my weight and height. This allows the calorie burning log to be as accurate as possible. That green semi circle to the left that says 2,669 is how many calories I had burned. The green semi circle in the middle converts my steps walked into miles which means that my 13,332 steps is 5.57 miles walked. That’s the good news, the bad news is, it looks like I don’t sleep very well. My fitbit flex told me that I woke up 5 times last night and slept restlessly. That isn’t too much of a surprise because I feel so tired but it’s going to be fun to compare my results night after night. I wonder if I sleep better on a certain day of the week or if I wake up at the same times every night.

After reaching goals you told your fitbit about you will receive badges and emails congratulating you and inspiring you to keep reaching your goals.

Here is a picture of an achievement I received in my inbox this morning.


I like the motivation the fitbit flex offers me. All of my information is logged on fitbits website and I can log into it on my computer easily to view it anytime. Plus if you have a smartphone you can download the free fitbit app and check your stats right from your phone. When you reach one of your goals the flex will vibrate and light up to inform even when you are not checking your progress on your phone or PC.  You can add friends to your dashboard from facebook or email and compare results. It would be fun to challenge your friends and motivate each other to reach your goals. To learn more about fitbit and the great products they have to offer click here. Be sure to follow them on twitter and like them on facebook too! 


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