Eight Gifts For Dad That Will Knock His Socks Off

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Gifts For DadGift buying isn’t always the easiest task to undertake. An ideal gift both reflects the giver and delights the recipient. When the occasion arises for you to get a gift for Dad, you want to choose something he will enjoy and use. Consider these eight great gift ideas that most any dad will love:

1. Personalized Golf Balls
If Dad enjoys spending time on the links, get him a gift he can use and show off. Personalized golf balls are the perfect way to help him stand out on the course, even if they don’t help him shave strokes off his game.

2. Gourmet Meat Rubs and Marinades
Does your dad enjoy firing up the grill and preparing tasty dishes for the family? If so, get him some gourmet meat rubs or marinades. He’ll enjoy trying out new recipes made with this gift, and the family will enjoy sampling his creations. For an added bonus, include a grilling accessory or two that you know he’s wanted to try.

3. Seamless Socks
No, Dad doesn’t want another package of tube socks from the bargain bin at your local big-box store. However, a pair of comfortable, supportive seamless socks from Therafirm is another matter. This stylish gift will keep his feet warm and comfortable while helping to improve circulation in the feet and calves.

4. Beer-Tasting Kit
Many dads enjoy a cold beer at the end of a long day. Help him enjoy this indulgence even more with a beer-tasting kit. A variety of kits are available in a number of different price points. If you’re feeling especially generous, you could add a variety pack of craft beer.

5. Taster’s Club Membership
Most dads have a favorite beverage or type of food. Indulge Dad with the gift of a taster’s club membership. These memberships can be purchased for a variety of different items. Wine and other spirits are common types of taster’s clubs. Food clubs that deliver fruit, jerky or other food items once a month make great gifts as well.

6. Lightweight Backpack
For the dad who loves the great outdoors, consider getting a lightweight backpack. Make sure the model is versatile enough to accommodate the things he’ll need when hiking or camping.Best Father's Day Gifts

7. DVDs
You know Dad’s likes and dislikes in entertainment. To help him relax and unwind, get him a DVD or Blu-ray collection he’ll enjoy. Great options include television series that he enjoys or a collector’s edition of one of his favorite movies.

8. Fitness Monitor
Help Dad stay active and monitor his health with the gift of a fitness monitor. Available in a number of different styles and varieties, these monitors can help Dad keep track of his heart rate while working out and track calories burned.

Buying gifts for Dad doesn’t need to be difficult and time consuming. Consider the things he enjoys. Then consider the options on this list. Which ones best suit his personality and interest? If more than one item jumps out as a good gift to give Dad, consider which of those gifts will remind him of you or of time you have spend together. A thoughtful gift is sure to make him both happy and proud.

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