How To Child Proof Your Entire Home

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Having little ones is an exciting adventure!  They are so curious and interested in everything.  However, that can lead to their exploration of areas How to Child Proof Homeand objects that you don’t want them to touch!  There are several areas that you want to make sure to protect.  Here are some simple steps to do this.

Covering Electrical Outlets

We all know that children stick their fingers into any object they find. Protective coverings can be found in so many stores and it is not at all difficult to find and install them. A screwdriver is the only tool needed!

Store Dangerous Chemicals In High Cabinets Or Shelves

If you choose, you can switch to non-toxic cleaning products that eliminate some dangers. The best idea is that the children should not be able to reach these items. So many chemicals are dangerous around the home and you do not want children to find them.

Remove Medication

All medication, pills and other liquids should be kept well out of reach or behind a childproof door.  For kids that need medicine, leave directions and the correct dosage with their care providers whether that is babysitters, nanny or schools. If your child has to carry some, you need to teach them how to be responsible and know what and how to handle their medication.

Install Safety Gates

Take a quick walk around your home and look at it from your child’s level.  What stairs, entrances or areas are potential places where your child could get into harm’s way?  Safety gates are a quick and easy way to secure areas within your home.  They will protect your children from falls and getting into unsafe areas.  General requirements are that they should be place on doors that lead to basements, attics, stairs and any other location that is not safe.   Again, there are several manufacturers that make styles that adjust to your doorways or only require an electric screwdriver to setup.

Large Furniture Should Be Anchored Down

This includes all large furniture like dressers, desks and tables. Use anchor straps in order to avoid furniture falls or tip when children climb on them.  And yes, your kids too will climb on something that you would prefer them not to!

Use Pool Covers

Buy covers that can be strapped down in order to prevent children from falling inside the pool unsupervised.  Or check out the manufacturers of pool covers that are electric and open and close with the touch of a button!

Use Fences Or Gates Outside

A fenced yard is your first line of defense against wandering children.  Life is to be explored and staying put is simply not in a kid’s vocabulary.  Whether it’s a complete fencing of the yard, a section or simply a playpen area for the littlest of tots, you can feel more secure with something in place.

Pay Attention To Window Blinds

A lot of parents overlook window blinds. There are some stunning window blinds that you can buy these days. However, you have to be sure that they are not a safety issue for children. This is something that many parents forget.   If you choose the kind with cords, make sure to shorten them and keep them out of the way of little hands and bodies.

Take a look at everything around the house.  Look at each area and item with a fresh eye.  Insure that furniture corners are padded or protected from bumbling babies and breakable items are well out of the way for the first few years. Close the toilet lids and use special child proof covers, haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t want to throw something into a toilet that requires a plumber!  Never leave water inside buckets or bathtubs.

By taking these steps and always keeping an eye on your child will insure that you minimize the likelihood of an emergency situation or costly repairs.  These years are precious, take the time to prepare for them!

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