Piggy Paint Nail Polish Review and Giveaway

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I received this item for the purposes of this review. Opinions are my own.


I love to paint my daughters nails but have never been a fan of all the toxic chemicals in nail polish.

I am afraid if she accidentally ingests the toxic paint it may make her sick or worse. Then I heard about Piggy Paint Nail Polish! It is an eco friendly, non toxic, virtually odorless, kid friendly, I could go on all day with the details, and the best one yet, NATURAL nail polish. It has a cute picture of a pig on the label and it says piggy paint nail polish, natural as mud! Now that is more like it! I tried it out and couldn’t believe the drying time. I was typing this review within minutes of applying. If you have ever painted a child’s nails you know drying time is the most important part of the process!


These colors are so pretty. I especially love the shade of purple and the sparkles in the pink. Who knew a kid friendly product could be so stylish for everyone? Plus if you’re a nail biter this is the polish for you! No matter how hard I try to stop I always find myself chewing on my finger nails. This is a gross habit I would love to break but I have been doing it my whole life and barely notice I am doing it, until all of nail polish is gone. At least  I wont be ingesting all of those nasty toxins  anymore!


Pictured above  is the Cotton Candy set. I love the pastel colors, especially this time of year. This water based formula dries to a hard durable finish. It’s even safe to use during pregnancy! Plus if you let your daughter paint your toe nails you don’t have to worry about the inevitable mess on the carpet. Piggy Paint can be removed from the carpet if removed before it sets in. Normally my polish turns into a hard chunk of non removable mess as soon as it hits the carpet.

I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore!

No wonder celebrity moms like Jessica Alba and Tori Spelling are using Piggy Paint! When you know better you do better. Only the best for for all of our children from now on.   Piggy Paint is partnering with us at www.parentpalace.com to giveaway a nail polish set like the one pictured here so you can try it out and feel like a celeb too!

We are all winners because up until April 1,2014, if you enter the code: parentpalace  at Piggypaint.com you will receive 15% off your order. 

Check out the Piggy Paint site by clicking here. Follow them on twitter by clicking here. Be sure to like them on facebook by clicking here. Don’t forget to enter to win below!



  1. Jane H says

    My little girl just got her first “makeup” kit and the lipstick ended up everywhere but on her lips :-). I’m not sure what she could do with nail polish. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. gwendolyn blunt says

    Once my husband let my 4 year old paint his nails, she thought it was hilarious! I would be giving these to said daughter. ;)

  3. stephanie a says

    Don’t really have any funny stories, but I’d definitely be keeping the set for my daughter! Are love Piggy Paints.

  4. Jessamine D. says

    I’m going to keep this for my 3 year old daughter since she loves to paint her nails and she loves to paint my nails too. :)

  5. Amanda Lawson says

    I’d keep! Well technically give, I’d give them to my daughter as a gift on her 2nd birthday this April! :D She wants to paint her nails so bad like mommy, but i want whats safe and this seems lovely for a 2 year olds toes! <3

  6. Carrie Jenkins says

    Well no funny stories to tell just yet. I’ve been just getting into polish this past year. I will be keeping them for myself. If thee ever is a chance I see my niece again I will let her share or give them to her. My mother is always welcome to use anything I’ve got, but she’s all the way in Florida. She will probably enter also. I honestly hope she wins. She keeps trying giveaways and it doesn’t happen. Well thank you For the chance to enter. Good luck to ALL ladies who enter.

  7. Kara says

    My daughter painted my toe nails ( she is 5) and the next day I came home from work and my socks were stuck on my toes because she painted them so thick!



  9. william says

    I took a nap one weekend and woke up with pink nails on my right hand. My wife thought it was funny and let the kids do it.

  10. Ashley C says

    No funny nailpolish stories yet, but this would be a gift for my daughter


  11. jasmine burdett says

    If i win i will be giving this to my little sister the colors are so cute and just for kids

  12. marian boll says

    My granddaughters decided to paint their grandpa’s toenails when he was sleeping….He had a medical doctors appt the next day and tried to explain to the doctor…..

  13. Amanda Alvarado says

    I don’t have any funny stories…more like frustrating since dd’s polish always gets messed up and we are continually touching up or she takes a shower and it all falls off! :-) I would give this gift set to her in her Easter basket!

    • says

      One of my biggest problems is that the polish doesn’t dry fast enough! All of my hard work is ruined the second my daughter gets an itch or can’t sit still to let it dry. That is one great thing about this polish, it dried so fast!

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