Nature’s Brands Bella Mari Natural Mineral Cosmetics Review

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I received the items in this post for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.


I have tried tons of concealers, cover ups, bronzers, many products that claim to hide my zits and imperfections. What I didn’t realise then is all of my zits and imperfections were being made worse by the products I was putting all over my skin. Another problem I was having was skin irritation due to the products I was using. When I heard of Bella Mari Natural Mineral Cosmetics I was intrigued.  It turns out I am not the only one with these problems and they have found a way around them. One of the ingredients found in most makeup that is known to cause skin irritations is Bismuth oxychloride. Bella Mari Mineral Cosmetics are free of synthetic preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, petro-chemicals, synthetic dyes and fillers found in traditional cosmetics.


Now that we know these cosmetics are safe to use we can put them to the test and see if they work. I am going to try out these all natural mineral cosmetics and post my results.


Sorry for the mugshot but I thought this would be the best way to show if these products do what they claim to do. Brace yourself I am going to zoom in and show you up close some of those nasty skin imperfections and zits I want this makeup to cover.


Scarey, right? So I tried out the Bella Mari products which included:

Blemish Concealer in medium beige, Cream Concealer in medium beige, Caribbean Cutie Bronzer, and the Bahama Babe Bronzer. As soon as I applied the Blemish Concealer on the blemishes on my cheek they disappeared instantly. I then applied the Cream Concealer to the area under my eyes and a couple other spots that needed some help. Last I tried a little of each bronzer to add a sun kissed glow to my skin. A small amount really goes a  long way with this bronzer. It made my face sparkle and I loved it!


It really worked exactly how I was hoping. I can’t see any zits or imperfections and my face doesn’t feel like its being weighed down by heavy makeup that I will have to peel off later.  I don’t have to worry about any allergens seeping into my skin because this makeup is organic, vegan, and GMO free. Check out or treat your skin to this healthy alternative today. Be sure to follow them on twitter and like them on facebook, too!

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