Boost Your Beauty and Health with Wine

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Contrary to many people’s belief, wine is good for health, hair and skin.  In fact, this has been proven by scientific studies. While we have grown up hearing about the Wine and Picnicadverse effects of wine, now let’s see what the facts show. With its antioxidants property and many other essential components, wine is not only good for health but it is also good for skin and hair as well.

  • Reduces Heart Disease: Heart disease is one of the most common problems found in many men. Though there are many natural remedies to help avoid heart diseases, but the best way to do this is actually to drink wine in moderation on a regular basis. According to many eminent doctors, one or two ounces of wine each day reduces the risk of heart disease. This is mainly because of the antioxidant properties which work wonders in preventing heart disease.
  • Relaxed Sleep: Due to the presence of a substance called melatonin, wine may offer a more relaxed sleep, especially to those who suffer from sleeplessness and insomnia. The recommended amount is a moderate amount of red wine – 50 to 100 ml before you go to bed each night.
  • Checks cholesterol: One of the important benefits of wine is that it lowers cholesterol content and avoids accumulation of saturated fat.  This is the reason why French people are fit and healthy in spite of consuming wine and cheese in their daily diet.
  • Prevents cancer: Research reveals that wine can protect against cancer. In fact, people who drink at least one glass of wine every day are less likely to suffer from cancer compared to non-drinkers. The research, presented at a conference in the U.S., concludes that not all types of alcohol increase the risk of cancer. The research also reveals that wine helps to prevent clogged arteries. It also prevents Alzheimer’s disease and tooth decay.
  • Offers younger looking skin: It is proven that regular consumption of wine can enhance lustrous and younger looking skin. However, if you are not a wine lover, use it for facial needs instead of consuming it. In fact, a wine facial has recently gained popularity with women. Wine facials will help you obtain a blemish free and glowing skin. You can achieve the skin benefits as stated below:

1)    It eliminates dead cells and improves blood circulation

2)    It can reverse skin aging

3)    Brings a glow to your skin, hydrates and rejuvenates

4)    Can prevent skin pigmentation

These are just some of the many benefits that show that wine is good for your health, hair and skin. So, tonight raise a glass to your health and enjoy!

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