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I received Weiman Cleaning Products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

DSC07137I spent the day cleaning my house from top to bottom using these five great products from Weiman. Every room in my house is shining and protected thanks to the kid and pet friendly ingredients in these hard working products. During the holiday season my house had a lot of traffic in every room. Too bad when the guests left they didn’t take their mess with them.

I had burnt on food stuck to my stove, stains on my carpets, scratches on my hardwood floors, and residue on my leather couches.

I needed this day to come and I was amazed at the cleaning power these Weiman products were capable of because I really put them to the test.

First I started out with the glass cook top on my stove.

DSC07177Notice the scratches, burnt on food, and stains all over the surface? This has always been one of my least favorite things to clean mainly because I couldn’t find a product that left it looking clean.

I tried harsh chemicals and even brillo pads, which my manufacture has warned me against, but I was desperate to get it shining again.

The Glass stove top cleaner from Weiman is the first product that actually removed the burnt on food and left it looking polished all in one quick swoop of a paper towel. See the results yourself.

                                                                                       The entire surface looked like new again!


The next mess to tackle was my leather sofa, which got a lot of use and a lot of stains this holiday season.

DSC07204My entire couch was covered in this white film and if you have leather you are aware that you can’t clean it with just any old cleaners.

                                       I tried a few recommendations from the internet but nothing would get these stains out!

The stains faded then reappeared like some kind of twisted magic trick . Today I  felt like the magician because not only did Weiman’s Leather cleaner & conditioner safely remove the stain but it made my couch shine. It has sunscreen in it to prevent fading and cracking which is genius because my couch is right below a window and spends most of its time baking in the sun. Check out the after picture to see how great it looks now.


Next in line for a much needed clean was my dining room table. It had been scrubbed down a lot lately with the icing fiasco from Christmas Eve and the painting disaster from New Years. All of the scrubbing to clean up the messes left it looking really dull and dried out.
DSC07161Weiman’s Lemon oil with UVX-15 Sunscreen was so easy to use and it smells great. I just squirted some out onto a cloth and wiped the surface of the table. You only need a little bit because this stuff is powerful and it immediately works for that instant gratification that I have always loved. It makes all wood from tables and clocks to railings and baseboard shine like a mirror.

  I used it on every piece of wood in my house including my cabinets.

I love the lemon fresh scent and the fact that it conditions the wood to prevent fading and cracking. It’s even safe for antique wood and prevents the wood from discoloration and drying out. Just look at that shine in the after photo.


After my tables, cabinets, couches, and stove were sparkling I decided it was time to move onto the floors.


It’s hard to show in the picture but my floor is scratched and dull.


I zoomed in really close so you could see the scratches better. These scratches are the product of lovely holiday family gathering.

I die a little inside every time someone pulls their chair out from my table and I can hear the chair scratching away at my beautiful floor.

I keep telling myself, it’s just a floor, these people are your family, don’t overreact! For the rest of the evening I was going over in my head the cost of  sanding down my floors and resealing them. The cost and time would not be something I could afford right now, so I tried Weiman’s High Traffic Hardwood Floor Polish & Restorer. It is safe for all hardwood floor finishes so I knew at least no more damage would be done. I poured some on the floor and mopped it up and instantly the scratched disappeared.  The bottle says you can use up to three coats and after just one the scratches disappeared!

I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited that I cleaned every square inch of my floors in amazement as all the scuffs and scratches disappeared right before my eyes.

Look at the amazing results below. It’s like they are new again and I don’t need to worry about refinishing them.


The last and most impressive test is the Weiman Carpet Cleaner. Check out the stained carpet below .


This oil stain in my carpet has been there for 6 months. I have pretty much given up on it and accepted it as part of the family because I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. I tried a carpet shampooer that my mother uses on all of her carpets. I put the solution in and after a half hour of work it did make the carpet brighter but the stain seemed to stand out even more. So this time I tried Weiman’s Carpet Cleaner mainly because it says spray, wait 2-4 minutes wipe and you’re done. I knew I had nothing to lose so I gave it a try. I took a before picture for the purposes of this review and then sprayed the stain.

I waited 2  minutes grabbed a cloth and then could not find the stain!

It worked before I even put any work in at all. If this stain hadn’t been torturing me for the last 6 months, I wouldn’t have known where to take the after photo because it really looks as though it was never there. Check out the results for yourself.


There are tons of cleaning products out there but unfortunately there are too few that actually work the way they advertised. I witnessed the cleaning power of these Weiman products first hand and can confidently recommend them to everyone.

All of these 5 products I put to the test passed with flying colors!

The best part is they are affordable and available at most retailers and online. Check out their website here  http://weiman.com/Home.aspx or follow them on Facebook by clicking here.

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